Accepted Papers

ACM SIGKDD is pleased to announce the winners of the best paper awards for 2017.

Research Track



Accelerating Innovation Through Analogy Mining
Tom Hope (Hebrew University of Jerusalem);Joel Chan (Carnegie Mellon University);Aniket Kittur (Carnegie Mellon University);Dafna Shahaf (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Runner Up

Toeplitz Inverse Covariance-Based Clustering of Multivariate Time Series Data
David Hallac (Stanford University);Sagar Vare (Stanford University);Stephen Boyd (Stanford University);Jure Leskovec (Stanford University)

Best Reviewers

  • Karthik Raman, Google
  • Kevin Small, Amazon
  • Zoran Obradovic, Temple University
  • Pauli Miettinen, Max Planck Institute

Applied Data Science Track



HinDroid: An Intelligent Android Malware Detection System Based on Structured Heterogeneous Information Network
Yanfang Ye (West Virginia University);Shifu Hou (West Virginia University);Yangqiu Song (West Virginia University)

Runner Up

DeepSD: Generating High Resolution Climate Change Projections through Single Image Super-Resolution
Thomas Vandal (Northeastern University);Evan Kodra (risQ Inc.);Sangram Ganguly (Bay Area Environmental Research Institute / NASA Ames Research Center);Andrew Michaelis (University Corporation, Monterey Bay);Ramakrishna Nemani (NASA Ames Research Center);Auroop Ganguly (Northeastern University)

Best Reviewers

  • Charalampos Mavroforakis, Boston University 
  • Noam Koenigstein, Microsoft 
  • Alexandros Ntoulas, LinkedIn

Audience Appreciation Award

An efficient bandit algorithm for realtime multivariate optimization
Daniel Hill (;Houssam Nassif (;Yi Liu (;Anand Iyer (;S. V. N. Vishwanathan (

All Papers


Title & Authors
Randomization or Condensation?: Linear-Cost Matrix Sketching Via Cascaded Compression Sampling
Author(s): Kai Zhang (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories);Chuanren Liu (Drexel University);Jie Zhang (Fudan University);Hui Xiong (Rutgers University);Eric Xing (Carneigie Mellon University);Jieping Ye (University of Michigan)
Scalable and Sustainable Deep Learning via Randomized Hashing
Author(s): Ryan Spring (Rice University);Anshumali Shrivastava (Rice University)
TrioVecEvent: Embedding-Based Online Local Event Detection in Geo-Tagged Tweet Streams
Author(s): Chao Zhang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);Liyuan Liu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);Dongming Lei (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);Quan Yuan (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);Honglei Zhuang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);Tim Hanratty (U.S. Army Research Lab);Jiawei Han (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Clustering Individual Transactional Data for Masses of Users
Author(s): Riccardo Guidotti (University of Pisa);Anna Monreale (University of Pisa);Mirco Nanni (KDD-Lab ISTI-CNR Pisa);Fosca Giannotti (ISTI-CNR);Dino Pedreschi (University of Pisa)
Learning certifiably optimal rule lists for categorical data
Author(s): Elaine Angelino (UC Berkeley);Nicholas Larus-Stone (Harvard);Daniel Alabi (Harvard);Margo Seltzer (Harvard University);Cynthia Rudin (Duke)
Meta-Graph Based Recommendation Fusion over Heterogeneous Information Networks
Author(s): Huan Zhao (HKUST);Quanming Yao (HKUST);Jianda Li (HKUST);Yangqiu Song (HKUST);Dik Lee (HKUST)
Discovering Reliable Approximate Functional Dependencies
Author(s): Panagiotis Mandros (Max Planck Institute for Informatics);Mario Boley (Max Planck Institute for Informatics);Jilles Vreeken (Max Planck Institute for Informatics)
Effective and Real-time In-App Activity Analysis in Encrypted Internet Traffic Streams
Author(s): Junming Liu (Rutgers University);Yanjie Fu (Missouri University of Science and Technology);Jingci Ming (Rutgers University);Yong Ren (Futurewei Tech. Inc);Leilei Sun (Dalian University of Technology);Hui Xiong (Rutgers University)
Local Higher-Order Graph Clustering
Author(s): Hao Yin (Stanford University);Austin R. Benson (Stanford University);Jure Leskovec (Stanford University);David F. Gleich (Purdue University)
Functional Annotation of Human Protein Coding Isoforms via Non-convex Multi-Instance Learning
Author(s): Tingjin Luo (National University of Defense Technology);Weizhong Zhang (Zhejiang University);Shuang Qiu (University of Michigan);Yang Yang (Beihang University);Dongyun Yi (National University of Defense Technology);Guangtao Wang (University of Michigan);Jieping Ye (University of Michigan);Jie Wang (University of Michigan)
FORA: Simple and Effective Approximate Single-Source Personalized PageRank
Author(s): Sibo Wang (Nanyang Technological University);Renchi Yang (Nanyang Technological University);Xiaokui Xiao (Nanyang Technological University);Zhewei Wei (Renmin University of China);Yin Yang (Hamad Bin Khalifa University)
A Minimal Variance Estimator for the Cardinality of Big Data Set Intersection
Author(s): Reuven Cohen (Technion);Liran Katzir (Technion);Aviv Yehezkel (Technion)
KATE: K-Competitive Autoencoder for Text
Author(s): Yu Chen (RPI);Mohammed Zaki (RPI)
Online Ranking with Constraints: A Primal-Dual Algorithm and Applications to Web Traffic-Shaping
Author(s): Parikshit Shah (Yahoo Research);Akshay Soni (Yahoo Research);Troy Chevalier (Yahoo Research)
Discrete Content-aware Matrix Factorization
Author(s): Defu Lian (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China);Rui Liu (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China);Yong Ge (University of Arizona);Kai Zheng (University of Queensland);Xing Xie (Microsoft Research);Longbing Cao (University of Technology Sydney)
Communication-Efficient Distributed Block Minimization for Nonlinear Kernel Machines
Author(s): Si Si (UT austin);Cho-Jui Hsieh (UC Davis);Inderjit Dhillon (UT austin)
Accelerating Innovation Through Analogy Mining
Author(s): Tom Hope (Hebrew University of Jerusalem);Joel Chan (Carnegie Mellon University);Aniket Kittur (Carnegie Mellon University);Dafna Shahaf (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Collaboratively Improving Topic Discovery and Word Embeddings by Coordinating Global and Local Conte
Author(s): Guangxu Xun (State University of New York at Buffalo);Yaliang Li (State University of New York at Buffalo);Jing Gao (State University of New York at Buffalo);Aidong Zhang (State University of New York at Buffalo)
Coresets for Kernel Regression
Author(s): Yan Zheng (University of Utah);Jeff Phillips (University of Utah)
Towards an Optimal Subspace for K-Means
Author(s): Dominik Mautz (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München);Wei Ye (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München);Claudia Plant (Universität Wien);Christian Böhm (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
Unsupervised Network Discovery for Brain Imaging Data
Author(s): Zilong Bai (University of California, Davis);Peter Walker (Naval Medical Research Center);Anna Tschiffely (Naval Medical Research Center);Fei Wang (Cornell University);Ian Davidson (University of California, Davis)
Robust Top-k Multi-class SVM for Visual Category Recognition
Author(s): Xiaojun Chang (Carnegie Mellon University);Yao-Liang Yu (University of Waterloo);Yi Yang (University of Technology Sydney)
Patient Subtyping via Time-Aware LSTM Networks
Author(s): Inci Baytas (Michigan State University);Cao Xiao (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center);Xi Zhang (Cornell University);Fei Wang (Cornell University);Anil Jain (Michigan State University);Jiayu Zhou (Michigan State University)
AnnexML: Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search for Extreme Multi-label Classification
Author(s): Yukihiro Tagami (Yahoo Japan Corporation)
Graph Edge Partitioning via Neighborhood Heuristic
Author(s): Chenzi Zhang (the University of Hong Kong);Fan Wei (Stanford University);Qin Liu (Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab);Zhihao Gavin Tang (the University of Hong Kong);Zhenguo Li (Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab)
Unsupervised P2P Rental Recommendations via Integer Programming
Author(s): Yanjie Fu (Missouri University of Science and Technology);Guannan Liu (Beihang University);Mingfei Teng (Rutgers University);Charu Aggarwal (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
Estimating Treatment Effect in the Wild via Differentiated Confounder Balancing
Author(s): Kun Kuang (Tsinghua University);Peng Cui (Tainghua University);Bo Li (Tsinghua University);Meng Jiang (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign);Shiqiang Yang (Tsinghua University)
Similarity Forests
Author(s): Saket Sathe (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center);Charu Aggarwal (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
The Selective Labels Problem: Evaluating Algorithmic Predictions in the Presence of Unobservables
Author(s): Himabindu Lakkaraju (Stanford University);Jon Kleinberg (Cornell University);Jure Leskovec (Stanford University);Jens Ludwig (University of Chicago);Sendhil Mullainathan (Harvard University)
HoORaYs: High-order Optimization of Rating Distance for Recommender Systems
Author(s): Jingwei Xu (Nanjing University);Yuan Yao (Nanjing University);Hanghang Tong (City College, CUNY);Xianping Tao (Nanjing Univ.);Jian Lu (Nanjing University)
An Online Hierarchical Algorithm for Extreme Clustering
Author(s): Ari Kobren (University of Massachusetts Amherst);Nicholas Monath (University of Massachusetts Amherst);Akshay Krishnamurthy (University of Massachusetts Amherst);Andrew McCallum (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Is the Whole Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts?
Author(s): Liangyue Li (Arizona State University);Hanghang Tong (Arizona Stete University);Yong Wang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology);Conglei Shi (IBM Research);Nan Cao (Tongji University);Norbou Buchler (US Army Research Laboratory)
metapath2vec: Scalable Representation Learning for Heterogeneous Networks
Author(s): Yuxiao Dong (University of Notre Dame);Nitesh V. Chawla (University of Notre Dame);Ananthram Swami (Army Research Laboratory)
Multi-Aspect Streaming Tensor Completion
Author(s): Qingquan Song (Texas A&M University);Xiao Huang (Texas A&M University);Hancheng Ge (Texas A&M University);James Caverlee (Texas A&M University);Xia Hu (Texas A&M University)
Groups-Keeping Solution Path Algorithm for Sparse Regression with Automatic Feature Grouping
Author(s): Bin Gu (University of Texas at Arlington);Guodong Liu (Univ. of Texas at Arlington);Heng Huang (University of Texas at Arlington)
EmbedJoin: Efficient Edit Similarity Joins via Embeddings
Author(s): Haoyu Zhang (Indiana University Bloomington);Qin Zhang (Indiana University Bloomington)
Collaborative Variational Autoencoder for Recommender Systems
Author(s): Xiaopeng Li (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology);James She (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Tracking the Dynamics in Crowdfunding
Author(s): Hongke Zhao (USTC);Hefu Zhang (University of Science and Technology of China);Yong Ge (The University of Arizona);Qi Liu (USTC);Enhong Chen (University of Science & Technology of China);Huayu Li (UNCC);Le Wu (HeFei University of Technology)
Human Mobility Synchronization and Trip Purpose Detection with Mixture of Hawkes Processes
Author(s): Pengfei Wang (University of Chinese Academy of Science & Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences);Guannan Liu (Beihang University);Yanjie Fu (Missouri University of Science and Technology);Wenqing Hu (Missouri University of Science and Technology);Charu Aggarwal (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
Toeplitz Inverse Covariance-Based Clustering of Multivariate Time Series Data
Author(s): David Hallac (Stanford University);Sagar Vare (Stanford University);Stephen Boyd (Stanford University);Jure Leskovec (Stanford University)
SPARTan: Scalable PARAFAC2 for Large & Sparse Data
Author(s): Ioakeim Perros (Georgia Institute of Technology);Evangelos E. Papalexakis (University of California, Riverside);Fei Wang (Weill Cornell Medicine);Richard Vuduc (Georgia Institute of Technology);Elizabeth Searles (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta);Michael Thompson (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta);Jimeng Sun (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Weisfeiler-Lehman Neural Machine for Link Prediction
Author(s): Muhan Zhang (Washington University in St. Louis);Yixin Chen (Washington University in St. Louis)
A Local Algorithm for Structure-Preserving Graph Cut
Author(s): Dawei Zhou (Arizona State University);Si Zhang (Arizona State University);Mehmet Yigit Yildirim (Arizona State University);Scott Alcorn (Early Warnings LLC.);Hanghang Tong (Arizona State University);Hasan Davulcu (Arizona State University);Jingrui He (Arizona State University)
Linearized GMM Kernels and Normalized Random Fourier Features
Author(s): Ping Li (Rutgers University)
Anomaly Detection with Robust Deep Auto-encoders
Author(s): Chong Zhou (Worcester Polytechnic Institute);Randy Paffenroth (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Large-scale Collaborative Ranking in Near-Linear Time
Author(s): Liwei Wu (University of California, Davis);Cho-Jui Hsieh (University of California, Davis);James Sharpnack (University of California, Davis)
Efficient Correlated Topic Modeling with Topic Embedding
Author(s): Junxian He (Carnegie Mellon University);Zhiting Hu (carnegie mellon university);Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick (carnegie mellon university);Ying Huang (Shanghai Jiaotong University);Eric Xing (carnegie mellon university)
Long Short Memory Process: Modeling Growth Dynamics of Microscopic Social Connectivity
Author(s): Chengxi Zang (Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University);Peng Cui (Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University);Christos Faloutsos (Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University);Wenwu Zhu (Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University)
Ego-splitting Framework: from Non-Overlapping to Overlapping Clusters
Author(s): Alessandro Epasto (Google);Silvio Lattanzi (Google);Renato Paes Leme (Google)
Interpretable Predictions of Tree-based Ensembles via Actionable Feature Tweaking
Author(s): Gabriele Tolomei (Yahoo);Fabrizio Silvestri (Facebook);Andrew Haines (Yahoo Inc);Mounia Lalmas (Yahoo)
Contextual Motifs: Increasing the Utility of Motifs using Contextual Data
Author(s): Ian Fox (CSE, University of Michigan);Lynn Ang (Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Diabetes, University of Michigan);Mamta Jaiswal (Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Diabetes, University of Michigan);Rodica Pop-Busui (Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Diabetes, University of Michigan);Jenna Wiens (CSE, University of Michigan)
Structural Deep Brain Network Mining
Author(s): Shen Wang (University of Illinois at Chicago);Lifang He (University of Illinois at Chicago);Bokai Cao (University of Illinois at Chicago);Chun-Ta Lu (University of Illinois at Chicago);Philip Yu (University of Illinois at Chicago);Ann Ragin (Northwestern University)
Randomized Feature Engineering as a Fast and Accurate Alternative to Kernel Methods
Author(s): Suhang Wang (Arizona State University);Charu Aggarwal (IBM);Huan Liu (Professor, Arizona State University)
struc2vec: Learning Node Representations from Structural Identity
Author(s): Leonardo F. R. Ribeiro (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Pedro H. P. Saverese (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Daniel R. Figueiredo (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
Network Inference via the Time-Varying Graphical Lasso
Author(s): David Hallac (Stanford University);Youngsuk Park (Stanford University);Stephen Boyd (Stanford University);Jure Leskovec (Stanford University)
PReP: Path-Based Relevance from a Probabilistic Perspective in Heteogeneous Information Networks
Author(s): Yu Shi (Dept. of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);Po-Wei Chan (Dept. of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);Honglei Zhuang (Dept. of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);Huan Gui (Dept. of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);Jiawei Han (Dept. of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
The Co-Evolution Model for Social Network Evolving and Opinion Migration
Author(s): Yupeng Gu (University of California, Los Angeles);Yizhou Sun (University of California, Los Angeles);Jianxi Gao (Northeastern University)
Improved Degree Bounds and Full Spectrum Power Laws in Preferential Attachment Networks
Author(s): Chen Avin (Ben Gurion University of the Negev);Zvi Lotker (Ben Gurion University of the Negev);Yinon Nahum (Weizmann Institute of Science);David Peleg (Weizmann Institute of Science)
A Framework for Guided Time Series Motif Discovery
Author(s): Hoang Anh Dau (University of California, Riverside);Eamonn Keogh (University of California, Riverside)
Constructivism Learning: A Learning Paradigm for Transparent Predictive Analytics
Author(s): Xiaoli Li (University of Kansas);Jun Huan (University of Kansas)
HyperLogLog Hyper Extended: Sketches for Concave Sublinear   Frequency Statistics
Author(s): Edith Cohen (Google Research)
Fast Enumeration of Large k-Plexes
Author(s): Alessio Conte (University of Pisa);Donatella Firmani (Roma Tre University);Caterina Mordente (Be Think Solve Execute);Maurizio Patrignani (Roma Tre University);Riccardo Torlone (Roma Tre University)
On Finding Socially Tenuous Groups for Online Social Networks
Author(s): Chih-Ya Shen (National Tsing Hua University);Liang-Hao Huang (Academia Sinica);De-Nian Yang (Academia Sinica);Hong-Han Shuai (National Chiao Tung University);Wang-Chien Lee (The Pennsylvania State University);Ming-Syan Chen (National Taiwan University)
A Parallel and Primal-Dual Sparse Method for Extreme Classification
Author(s): Ian Yen (Carnegie Mellon University);Xiangru Huang (University of Texas at Austin);Wei Dai (Carnegie Mellon University);Pradeep Ravikumar (Carnegie Mellon University);Inderjit Dhillon (University of Texas at Austin);Eric Xing (Carnegie Mellon University)


Title & Authors
Incremental Dual-memory LSTM in Land Cover Prediction
Author(s): Xiaowei Jia (University of Minnesota);Ankush Khandelwal (University of Minnesota);Guruprasad Nayak (University of Minnesota);James Gerber (University of Minnesota);Kimberly Carlson (University of Hawaii Manoa);Paul West (University of Minnesota);Vipin Kumar (University of Minnesota)
An Alternative to NCD for Large Sequences, Lempel-Ziv Jaccard Distance
Author(s): Edward Raff (Laboratory for Physical Sciences);Charles Nicholas (University of Maryland Baltimore County)
Distributed Local Outlier Detection in Big Data
Author(s): Yizhou Yan (Worcester Polytechnic Institute);Lei Cao (Massachusetts Institute of Technology);Caitlin Kuhlman (Worcester Polytechnic Institute);Elke Rundensteiner (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Recurrent Poisson Factorization for Temporal Recommendation
Author(s): Seyed Abbas Hosseini (Sharif University of Technology);Keivan Alizadeh (Sharif University of Technology);Ali Khodadadi (Sharif University of Technology);Ali Arabzadeh (Sharif University of Technology);Mehrdad Farajtabar (Georgia Institute of Technology);Hongyuan Zha (Georgia Institute of Technology);Hamid R. Rabiee (Sharif University of Technology)
Detecting Network Effects: Randomizing Over Randomized Experiments
Author(s): Martin Saveski (MIT);Jean Pouget-Abadie (Harvard University);Guillaume Saint-Jacques (MIT);Weitao Duan (LinkedIn);Souvik Ghosh (LinkedIn);Ya Xu (LinkedIn);Edo Airoldi (Harvard University)
Unsupervised Discovery of Drug Side-Effects From Heterogeneous Data Sources
Author(s): Fenglong Ma (SUNY Buffalo);Chuishi Meng (SUNY Buffalo);Houping Xiao (SUNY Buffalo);Qi Li (SUNY Buffalo);Jing Gao (SUNY Buffalo);Lu Su (SUNY Buffalo);Aidong Zhang (SUNY Buffalo)
Federated Tensor Factorization for Computational Phenotyping
Author(s): Yejin Kim (POSTECH);Jimeng Sun (Georgia Institute of Technology);Hwanjo Yu (POSTECH);Xiaoqian Jiang (University of California San Diego)
Optimized Risk Scores
Author(s): Berk Ustun (Massachusetts Institute of Technology);Cynthia Rudin (Duke University)
DenseAlert: Incremental Dense-Subtensor Detection in Tensor Streams
Author(s): Kijung Shin (Carnegie Mellon University);Bryan Hooi (Carnegie Mellon University);Jisu Kim (Carnegie Mellon University);Christos Faloutsos (Carnegie Mellon University)
DeepMood: Modeling Mobile Phone Typing Dynamics for Mood Detection
Author(s): Bokai Cao (University of Illinois at Chicago);Lei Zheng (University of Illinois at Chicago);Chenwei Zhang (University of Illinois at Chicago);Philip S. Yu (University of Illinois at Chicago);Andrea Piscitello (University of Illinois at Chicago);John Zulueta (University of Illinois at Chicago);Olu Ajilore (University of Illinois at Chicago);Kelly Ryan (University of Michigan);Alex Leow (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Construction of Directed 2K Graphs
Author(s): Balint Tillman (University of California, Irvine);Athina Markopoulou (University of California, Irvine);Carter T. Butts (University of California, Irvine);Minas Gjoka (Google)
Prospecting the Career Development of Talents: A Survival Analysis Perspective
Author(s): Huayu Li (UNC Charlotte);Yong Ge (University of Arizona);Hengshu Zhu (Baidu Talent Intelligence Center);Hui Xiong (Rutgers University);Hongke Zhao (University of Sci. & Tech. of China)
Anarchists, Unite: Practical Entropy Approximation for Distributed Streams
Author(s): Moshe Gabel (Technion);Daniel Keren (Haifa University);Assaf Schuster (Technion)
Visualizing Attributed Graphs via Terrain Metaphor
Author(s): Yang Zhang (The Ohio State University);Yusu Wang (The Ohio State University);Srinivasan Parthasarathy (The Ohio State University)
SPOT: Sparse Optimal Transformations for High Dimensional Variable Selection and Exploratory Regress
Author(s): Qiming Huang (Purdue University);Michael Zhu (Purdue Univeristy)
Algorithmic decision making and the cost of fairness
Author(s): Sam Corbett-Davies (Stanford University);Emma Pierson (Stanford University);Avi Feller (University of California, Berkeley);Sharad Goel (Stanford University);Aziz Huq (University of Chicago)
LEAP: Learning to Prescribe Effective and Safe Treatment Combinations for Multimorbidity
Author(s): Yutao Zhang (Tsinghua University);Robert Chen (Georgia Institute of Technology);Jie Tang (Tsinghua University);Jimeng Sun (Georgia Institute of Technology);Walter Stewart (Sutter Health)
Evaluating U.S. Electoral Representation with a Joint Statistical Model of Congressional Roll-Calls,
Author(s): Zhengming Xing (Criteo Labs);Sunshine Hillygus (Duke University);Lawrence Carin (Duke University)
Distributed Multi-Task Relationship Learning
Author(s): Sulin Liu (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore);Sinno Jialin Pan (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore);Qirong Ho (Petuum, Inc.)
Inferring the strength of social ties: a community-driven approach
Author(s): Polina Rozenshtein (Aalto University);Nikolaj Tatti (Aalto University);Aristides Gionis (Aalto University)
Mixture Factorized Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes for Time-Series Forecasting
Author(s): Guo-Jun Qi (UCF);Jiliang Tang (MSU);Jingdong Wang (Microsoft);Jiebo Luo (University of Rochester)
Privacy-Preserving Distributed Multi-Task Learning with Asynchronous Updates
Author(s): Liyang Xie (michigan state university);Inci Baytas (michigan state university);Kaixiang Lin (michigan state university);Jiayu Zhou (michigan state university)
Revisiting power-law distributions in spectra of real world networks
Author(s): Nicole Eikmeier (Purdue University);David Gleich (Purdue University)
Point of Interest Demand Modeling with Human Mobility Patterns
Author(s): Yanchi Liu (Rutgers University);Chuanren Liu (Drexel University);Xinjiang Lu (Northwestern Polytechnical University, China);Mingfei Teng (Rutgers University);Hengshu Zhu (Baidu Talent Intelligence Center);Hui Xiong (Rutgers University)
Small Batch or Large Batch: Gaussian Walk with Rebound Can Teach
Author(s): Peifeng Yin (IBM Research Almaden);Ping Luo (Institute of Computing Technology, CAS);Taiga Nakamura (IBM Research Almaden)
Adversary Resistant Deep Neural Networks with an Application to Malware Detection
Author(s): Qinglong Wang (Pennsylvania State University);Wenbo Guo (Pennsylvania State University);Kaixuan Zhang (Pennsylvania State University);Alexander Ororbia (Pennsylvania State University);Xinyu Xing (Pennsylvania State University);Lee Giles (Pennsylvania State University);Xue Liu (McGill University)
PAMAE: Parallel k-Medoids Clustering with High Accuracy and Efficiency
Author(s): Hwanjun Song (KAIST);Jae-Gil Lee (KAIST);Wook-Shin Han (POSTECH)
Statistical Emerging Pattern Mining with Multiple Testing Correction
Author(s): Junpei Komiyama (The University of Tokyo);Masakazu Ishihata (Hokkaido University);Hiroki Arimura (Hokkaido University);Takashi Nishibayashi (VOYAGE GROUP, Inc.);Shin-Ichi Minato (Hokkaido University)
Recommending Items with the Most Valuable Aspects Based on User Reviews
Author(s): Konstantin Bauman (Stern School of Business, New York University);Bing Liu (University of Illinois at Chicago);Alexander Tuzhilin (Stern School of Business, New York University)
Functional Zone Based Hierarchical Demand Prediction For Bike System Expansion
Author(s): Junming Liu (Rutgers University);Leilei Sun (Dalian University of Technology);Qiao Li (Rutgers University);Jingci Ming (Rutgers University);Yanchi Liu (Rutgers University);Hui Xiong (Rutgers University)
Decomposed Normalized Maximum Likelihood Codelength Criterion for Selecting Hierarchical Latent Vari
Author(s): Tianyi Wu (University of Tokyo);Shinya Sugawara (University of Tokyo);Kenji Yamanishi (University of Tokyo)
Structural Diversity and Homophily: A Study Across More Than One Hundred Big Networks
Author(s): Yuxiao Dong (University of Notre Dame);Reid Johnson (University of Notre Dame);Jian Xu (University of Notre Dame);Nitesh Chawla (University of Notre Dame)
Automatic Synonym Discovery with Knowledge Bases
Author(s): Meng Qu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);Xiang Ren (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);Jiawei Han (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
A Context-aware Attention Network for Interactive Question Answering
Author(s): Huayu Li (UNC Charlotte);Martin Renqiang Min (NEC Laboratories America);Yong Ge (University of Arizona);Asim Kadav (NEC Laboratories America)
REMIX: Automated Exploration for Interactive Outlier Detection
Author(s): Yanjie Fu (Missouri S&T);Charu Aggarwal (IBM TJ Watson Research);Srinivasan Parthasarathy (IBM TJ Watson Research);Deepak Turaga (IBM TJ Watson Research);Hui Xiong (Rutgers University)
Anomaly Detection in Streams with Extreme Value Theory
Author(s): Alban Siffer (IRISA);Pierre-Alain Fouque (IRISA);Alexandre Termier (IRISA);Christine Largouët (IRISA)
Structural Event Detection from Log Messages
Author(s): Fei Wu (penn state);Pranay Anchuri (NEC Labs America);Zhenhui Li (Penn State University)
Bridging Collaborative Filtering and Semi-Supervised Learning: A Neural Approach for POI recommendat
Author(s): Carl Yang (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign);Lanxiao Bai (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign);Chao Zhang (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign);Quan Yuan (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign);Jiawei Han (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign)
Sparse Compositional Local Metric Learning
Author(s): Joseph St.Amand (University of Kansas);Jun Huan (University of Kansas)
Learning from Multiple Teacher Networks
Author(s): Shan You (Peking University);Chang Xu (University of Technology Sydney);Chao Xu (Peking University);Dacheng Tao (University of Sydney)
Let’s See Your Digits: Anomalous-State Detection using Benford’s Law
Author(s): Samuel Maurus (Technical University of Munich);Claudia Plant (University of Vienna)
Inductive Semi-supervised Multi-Label Learning with Co-Training
Author(s): Wang Zhan (Southeast University);Min-Ling Zhang (School of Computer Science and Engineering, Southeast University)
Robust Spectral Clustering for Noisy Data
Author(s): Aleksandar Bojchevski (Technical University of Munich);Yves Matkovic (Technical University of Munich);Stephan Günnemann (Technical University of Munich)
Multi-task Function-on-function Regression with Co-grouping Structured Sparsity
Author(s): Pei Yang (South China University of Technology);Qi Tan (South China Normal University);Jingrui He (Arizona State University)
Multi-Modality Disease Modeling via Collective Deep Matrix Factorization
Author(s): Qi Wang (Michigan State University);Mengying Sun (Michigan State University);Liang Zhan (University of Wisconsin-Stout);Paul Thompson (University of Southern California);Shuiwang Ji (Washington State University);Jiayu Zhou (Michigan State University)
A Location-Sentiment-Aware Recommender System for Both Home-Town and Out-of-Town Mobile Users
Author(s): Hao Wang (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences);Yanmei Fu (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences);Qinyong Wang (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science);Changying Du (Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences);Hongzhi Yin (University of Queensland);Hui Xiong (Rutgers University)
On Sampling Strategies for Neural Network-based Collaborative Filtering
Author(s): Ting Chen (University of California, Los Angeles);Yizhou Sun (University of California, Los Angeles);Yue Shi (Yahoo! Research);Liangjie Hong (Etsy Inc.)
GRAM: Graph-based Attention Model for Healthcare Representation Learning
Author(s): Edward Choi (Georgia Institute of Technology);Mohammad Taha Bahadori (Georgia Institute of Technology);Le Song (Georgia Institute of Technology);Walter Stewart (Sutter Health);Jimeng Sun (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Bolt: Accelerated Data Mining with Fast Vector Compression
Author(s): Davis Blalock (MIT);John Guttag (MIT)
When is a Network a Network? Multi-Order Graphical Model Selection in Pathways and Temporal Networks
Author(s): Ingo Scholtes (ETH Zurich)
A Temporally Heterogeneous Survival Framework with Application to Social Behavior Dynamics
Author(s): Linyun Yu (Tsinghua University);Peng Cui (Tsinghua University);Chaoming Song (University of Miami);Tianyang Zhang (Tsinghua University);Shiqiang Yang (Tsinghua University)
End-to-end Learning for Short Text Expansion
Author(s): Jian Tang (University of Michigan);Yue Wang (University of Michigan);Kai Zheng (University of California, Irvine);Qiaozhu Mei (University of Michigan)
Semi-Supervised Techniques for Mining Learning Outcomes and Prerequisites
Author(s): Igor Labutov (Carnegie Mellon University);Yun Huang (University of PIttsburgh);Peter Brusilovsky (University of PIttsburgh);Daqing He (University of PIttsburgh)
Learning from Labeled and Unlabeled Vertices in Networks
Author(s): Wei Ye (University of Munich);Linfei Zhou (University of Munich);Dominik Mautz (University of Munich);Claudia Plant (University of Vienna);Christian Böhm (University of Munich)
Convex Factorization Machine for Toxicogenomics Prediction
Author(s): Makoto Yamada (Kyoto University);Wenzhao Lian (Vicarius);Amit Goyal (Yahoo Research);Jianhui Chen (Yahoo Research);Kishan Wimalawarne (Kyoto University);Suleiman Kahn (University of Helsinki);Samuel Kaski (Aalto University);Hiroshi Mamitsuka (Kyoto University);Yi Chang (Huawei Research)
Post Processing Recommender Systems for Diversity
Author(s): Arda Antikacioglu (Carnegie Mellon University);R Ravi (Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University)
Fast Newton Hard Thresholding Pursuit for Sparsity Constrained Nonconvex Optimization
Author(s): Jinghui Chen (University of Virginia);Quanquan Gu (University of Virginia)
Retrospective Higher-Order Markov Processes for User Trails
Author(s): Tao Wu (Purdue University);David Gleich (Purdue University)
Effective Evaluation using Logged Bandit Feedback from Multiple Loggers
Author(s): Aman Agarwal (Cornell University);Soumya Basu (Cornell University);Tobias Schnabel (Cornell University);Thorsten Joachims (Cornell University)
ReasoNet: Learning to Stop Reading in Machine Comprehension
Author(s): Yelong Shen (Microsoft Research);Po-Sen Huang (Microsoft Research);Jianfeng Gao (Microsoft Research);Weizhu Chen (Microsoft Research)
Relay-Linking Models for Prominence and Obsolescence in Evolving Networks
Author(s): Mayank Singh (Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur);Rajdeep Sarkar (Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur);Pawan Goyal (Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur);Animesh Mukherjee (Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur);Soumen Chakrabarti (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay)
Achieving Non-Discrimination in Data Release
Author(s): Lu Zhang (University of Arkansas);Yongkai Wu (University of Arkansas);Xintao Wu (University of Arkansas)
MetaPAD: Meta Patten Discovery from Massive Text Corpora
Author(s): Meng Jiang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);Jingbo Shang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);Taylor Cassidy (Army Research Lab);Xiang Ren (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);Lance Kaplan (Army Research Lab);Timothy Hanratty (Army Research Lab);Jiawei Han (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Tripoles: A New Class of Relationships in Time Series Data
Author(s): Saurabh Agrawal (University of Minnesota);Gowtham Atluri (University of Cincinnati);Anuj Karpatne (University of Minnesota);William Haltom (University of Minnesota);Stefan Liess (University of Minnesota);Snigdhansu Chatterjee (University of Minnesota);Vipin Kumar (Univesity of Minnesota)
Unsupervised Feature Selection in Signed Social Networks
Author(s): Kewei Cheng (arizona state university);Jundong Li (arizona state university);Huan Liu (arizona state university)
Scalable Top-n Local Outlier Detection
Author(s): Yizhou Yan (Worcester Polytechnic Institute);Lei Cao (Massachusetts Institute of Technology);Elke Rundensteiner (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)


Title & Authors
LiJAR: A System for Job Application Redistribution towards Efficient Career Marketplace
Author(s): Fedor Borisyuk (LinkedIn Corporation);Liang Zhang (LinkedIn Corporation);Krishnaram Kenthapadi (LinkedIn Corporation)
Cascade Ranking for Operational E-commerce Search
Author(s): Shichen Liu (Alibaba Group);Fei Xiao (Alibaba Group);Wenwu Ou (Alibaba Group);Luo Si (Alibaba Group)
A Century of Science: Globalization of Scientific Collaborations, Citations, and Innovations
Author(s): Yuxiao Dong (University of Notre Dame);Hao Ma (Microsoft Research);Zhihong Shen (MSR);Kuansan Wang (MSR)
“Not All Passes Are Created Equal:” Objectively Measuring the Risk and Reward of Passes in Socce
Author(s): Paul Power (STATS LLC);Héctor Ruiz (STATS);Patrick Lucey (STATS);Xinyu Wei (STATS)
No Longer Sleeping with a Bomb: A Duet System for Protecting Urban Safety from Dangerous Goods
Author(s): Jingyuan Wang (Beihang University);Chao Chen (Beihang University);Junjie Wu (Beihang University);Zhang Xiong (Beihang University)
MARAS: Signaling Multi-Drug Adverse Reactions.
Author(s): Xiao Qin (Worcester Polytechnic Institute & Oak Ridge Institute of Science);Tabassum Kakar (Worcester Polytechnic Institute & Oak Ridge Institute of Science);Susmitha Wunnava (Worcester Polytechnic Institute);Elke Rundensteiner (Worcester Polytechnic Institute);Cao Lei (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
MOLIERE: Automatic Biomedical Hypothesis Generation System
Author(s): Justin Sybrandt (Clemson University);Michael Shtutman (University of South Carolina);Ilya Safro (Clemson University)
A Data Science Approach to Understanding Residential Water Contamination in Flint
Author(s): Jacob Abernethy (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor);Alex Chojnaki (Michigan Data Science Team);Chengyu Dai (Michigan Data Science Team);Arya Farahi (Michigan Data Science Team);Eric Schwartz (Ross School of Business);Jared Webb (Brigham Young University);Guangsha Shi (University of Michigan);Daniel T. Zhang (Michigan Data Science Team)
Peeking at A/B Tests: Why it matters, and what to do about it
Author(s): David Walsh (Stanford University);Ramesh Johari (Stanford University);Leonid Pekelis (Stanford University)
Pharmacovigilance via Baseline Regularization with Large-Scale Longitudinal Observational Data
Author(s): Zhaobin Kuang (University of Wisconsin, Madison);Peggy Peissig (Biomedical Informatics Research Center, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, Marshfield, WI);Vitor Santos Costa (Universidade do Porto);Richard Maclin (University of Minnesota, Duluth);David Page (Department of Computer Sciences and Department of Biostatistics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI)
The Simpler The Better: A Unified Approach to Predicting Original Taxi Demands on Large-Scale Online
Author(s): Yongxin Tong (Beihang University);Yuqiang Chen (4Paradigm Inc.);Zimu Zhou (ETH Zurich);Lei Chen (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology);Jie Wang (Didi Research);Qiang Yang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology);Jieping Ye (Didi Research)
Deep Choice Model Using Pointer Networks for Airline Itinerary Prediction
Author(s): Alejandro Mottini (Amadeus SAS);Rodrigo Acuna-Agost (Amadeus SAS)
DeepSD: Generating High Resolution Climate Change Projections through Single Image Super-Resolution
Author(s): Thomas Vandal (Northeastern University);Evan Kodra (risQ Inc.);Sangram Ganguly (Bay Area Environmental Research Institute / NASA Ames Research Center);Andrew Michaelis (University Corporation, Monterey Bay);Ramakrishna Nemani (NASA Ames Research Center);Auroop Ganguly (Northeastern University)
An End-to-End Event Log Analysis Platform for System Management
Author(s): Tao Li (Florida International University);Bin Xia (Nanjing University of Science and technology)
Luck is hard to beat: The Difficulty of Sports Prediction
Author(s): Raquel Aoki (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais);Renato Assunção (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais);Pedro Vaz de Melo (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)
Google Vizier: A Service for Black-Box Optimization
Author(s): Daniel Golovin (Google, Inc.);Benjamin Solnik (Google, Inc.);Subhodeep Moitra (Google, Inc.);Greg Kochanski (Google, Inc.);John Karro (Google, Inc.);D. Sculley (Google, Inc.)
PNP: Fast Path Ensemble Method for Movie Design
Author(s): Danai Koutra (University of Michigan);Abhilash Dighe (University of Michigan);Smriti Bhagat (Facebook);Udi Weinsberg (Facebook);Stratis Ioannidis (Northeastern University);Christos Faloutsos (Carnegie Mellon University);Jean Bolot (Technicolor)
Quick Access: Building a Smart Experience for Google Drive
Author(s): Sandeep Tata (Google Inc.);Alexandrin Popescul (Google Inc.);Marc Najork (Google Inc.);Mike Colagrosso (Google Inc.);Julian Gibbons (Google Inc.);Alan Green (Google Inc.);Alexandre Mah (Google Inc.);Michael Smith (Google Inc.);Divanshu Garg (Google Inc.);Cayden Meyer (Google Inc.);Reuben Kan (Google Inc.)
Deep Embedding Forest: Forest-based Serving with Deep Embedding Features
Author(s): Jie Zhu (Microsoft Corporation);Ying Shan (Microsoft Corporation);Jc Mao (Microsoft Corporation);Dong Yu (Microsoft Corporation);Holakou Rahmanian (University of California Santa Cruz);Yi Zhang (Microsoft Corporation)
KunPeng: Parameter Server based Distributed Learning Systems and Its Applications in Alibaba and Ant
Author(s): Jun Zhou (Ant Financial Group);Xiaolong Li (Ant Financial Group);Peilin Zhao (Ant Financial Group);Chaochao Chen (Ant Financial Group);Longfei Li (Ant Financial Group);Xinxing Yang (Ant Financial Group);Qing Cui (Alibaba Cloud);Jin Yu (Alibaba Cloud);Xu Chen (Alibaba Cloud);Yi Ding (Alibaba Cloud);Yuan Qi (Ant Financial Group)
HinDroid: An Intelligent Android Malware Detection System Based on Structured Heterogeneous Informat
Author(s): Yanfang Ye (West Virginia University);Shifu Hou (West Virginia University);Yangqiu Song (West Virginia University)
Compass: Spatio Temporal Sentiment Analysis of US Election
Author(s): Debjyoti Paul (University of Utah);Feifei Li (University of Utah);Murali Krishna Teja Kilari (University of Utah);Xin Yu (University of Utah);Richie Frost (University of Utah)
Guided Deep List: Automating the Generation of Epidemiological Line Lists from Open Sources
Author(s): Saurav Ghosh (Virginia Tech);Prithwish Chakraborty (Virginia Tech);Bryan Lewis (Virginia Tech);Maia Majumder (Massachusetts Institute of Technology);Emily Cohn (Boston Children's Hospital);John Brownstein (Harvard Medical School);Madhav Marathe (Virginia Tech);Naren Ramakrishnan (Virginia Tech)
Predicting Clinical Outcomes Across Changing Electronic Health Record Systems
Author(s): Jen Gong (MIT);Tristan Naumann (MIT);Peter Szolovits (MIT);John Guttag (MIT)
Prognosis and Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease Using Multi-Task Learning
Author(s): Saba Emrani (SAS Institute Inc);Anya McGuirk (SAS Institute Inc.);Wei Xiao (SAS Institute Inc.)
Using convolutional networks and satellite imagery to identify patterns in urban environments at a l
Author(s): Adrian Albert (MIT & SLAC);Marta Gonzalez (MIT)
FIRST: Fast Interactive Attributed Subgraph Matching
Author(s): Boxin Du (Arizona State University);Si Zhang (Arizona State University);Nan Cao (Tongji University);Hanghang Tong (Arizona State University)
A Dirty Dozen: Twelve Common Metric Interpretation Pitfalls in Online Controlled Experiments
Author(s): Somit Gupta (Microsoft);Pavel Dmitriev (Microsoft);Garnet Vaz (Microsoft);Dong Woo Kim (Microsoft)
A Data Mining Framework for Valuing Large Portfolios of Variable Annuities
Author(s): Guojun Gan (Department of Mathematics, University of Connecticut);Jimmy Huang (York University)
Developing a comprehensive framework for multimodal feature extraction
Author(s): Quinten McNamara (University of Texas at Austin);Alejandro de La Vega (University of Texas at Austin);Tal Yarkoni (University of Texas at Austin)
TFX: A TensorFlow-Based Production-Scale Machine Learning Platform
Author(s): Denis Baylor (Google Inc.);Eric Breck (Google Inc.);Heng-Tze Cheng (Google Inc.);Noah Fiedel (Google Inc.);Chuan Yu Foo (Google Inc.);Zakaria Haque (Google Inc.);Salem Haykal (Google Inc.);Mustafa Ispir (Google Inc.);Vihan Jain (Google Inc.);Levent Koc (Google Inc.);Chiu Yuen Koo (Google Inc.);Lukasz Lew (Google Inc.);Clemens Mewald (Google Inc.);Akshay Modi (Google Inc.);Neoklis Polyzotis (Google Inc.);Sukriti Ramesh (Google Inc.);Sudip Roy (Google Inc.);Steven Whang (Google Inc.);Martin Wicke (Google Inc.);Jarek Wilkiewicz (Google Inc.);Xin Zhang (Google Inc.);Martin Zinkevich (Google Inc.)
Backpage and Bitcoin: Uncovering Human Traffickers
Author(s): Rebecca S. Portnoff (UC Berkeley);Danny Yuxing Huang (UC San Diego);Periwinkle Doerfler (NYU);Sadia Afroz (ICSI);Damon McCoy (NYU)
Estimation of recent ancestral origins of individuals on a large scale
Author(s): Ross E Curtis (AncestryDNA);Ahna R Girshick (AncestryDNA)
A Practical Exploration System for Search Advertising
Author(s): Parikshit Shah (Yahoo Research);Ming Yang (Yahoo);Sachidanand Alle (Yahoo);Adwait Ratnaparkhi (Yahoo Research);Ben Shahshahani (Yahoo Research);Rohit Chandra (Yahoo)
A Quasi-experimental Estimate of the Impact of P2P Transportation Platforms on Urban Consumer Patter
Author(s): Zhe Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University);Beibei Li (Carnegie Mellon University)
Planning Bike Lanes based on Sharing-Bikes’ Trajectories
Author(s): Jie Bao (Microsoft Research);Tianfu He (Harbin Institution of Technology);Sijie Ruan (Xidian University);Yanhua Li (Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI));Yu Zheng (Microsoft Research)


Title & Authors
Automated Categorization of Onion Sites for Analyzing the Darkweb Ecosystem
Author(s): Shalini Ghosh (SRI);Ariyam Das (UCLA);Phillip Porras (SRI);Vinod Yegneswaran (SRI International);Ashish Gehani (SRI International)
Matching Restaurant Menus to Crowdsourced Food Data, A Scalable Machine Learning Approach
Author(s): Hesam Salehian (Under Armour);Chul Lee (Under Armour);Patrick Howell (Under Armour)
Dispatch with Confidence: Integration of machine learning, Optimization and Simulation for Open Pit
Author(s): Kosta Ristovski (Hitachi America Ltd.);Chetan Gupta (Hitachi America Ltd.);Kunihiko Harada (Hitachi America Ltd.);Hsiu-Khuern Tang (Hitachi America Ltd.)
Learning to Generate Rock Descriptions from Multivariate Well Logs with Hierarchical Attention
Author(s): Bin Tong (Research and Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd.);Martin Klinkigt (Research and Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd.);Makoto Iwayama (Research and Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd.);Toshihiko Yanase (Research and Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd.);Yoshiyuki Kobayashi (Research and Development Group, Hitachi, Ltd.);Anshuman Sahu (Big Data Laboratory, Hitachi America, Ltd.);Ravigopal Vennelakanti (Big Data Laboratory, Hitachi America, Ltd.)
Stock Price Prediction via Discovering Multi-Frequency Trading Patterns
Author(s): Liheng Zhang (University of Central Florida);Charu Aggarwal (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center);Guo-Jun Qi (University of Central Florida)
“The Leicester City Fairytale?”: Utilizing New Soccer Analytics Tools to Compare Performance in
Author(s): Héctor Ruiz (STATS);Paul Power (STATS);Xinyu Wei (STATS);Patrick Lucey (STATS)
An efficient bandit algorithm for realtime multivariate optimization
Author(s): Daniel Hill (;Houssam Nassif (;Yi Liu (;Anand Iyer (;S. V. N. Vishwanathan (
Machine Learning for Encrypted Malware Traffic Classification: Accounting for Noisy Labels and Non-S
Author(s): Blake Anderson (Cisco Systems, Inc.);David McGrew (Cisco Systems, Inc.)
Dipole: Diagnosis Prediction in Healthcare via Attention-based Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Networ
Author(s): Fenglong Ma (SUNY Buffalo);Radha Chitta (Conduent);Jing Zhou (Conduent);Quanzeng You (University of Rochester);Tong Sun (United Technologies Research Center);Jing Gao (SUNY Buffalo)
A Data-driven Process Recommender Framework
Author(s): Sen Yang (Rutgers University);Xin Dong (Rutgers University);Leilei Sun (Dalian University of Technology);Yichen Zhou (Rutgers University);Richard A. Farneth (Children's National Medical Center);Hui Xiong (Rutgers University);Randall S. Burd (Children's National Medical Center);Ivan Marsic (Rutgers University)
The Fake vs Real Goods Problem: Microscopy and Machine Learning to the Rescue
Author(s): Ashlesh Sharma (Entrupy Inc);Vidyuth Srinivasan (Entrupy Inc);Vishal Kanchan (Entrupy Inc);Lakshminarayanan Subramanian (Entrupy Inc)
Large scale sentiment learning with limited labels
Author(s): Vasileios Iosifidis (Leibniz University of Hanover);Eirini Ntoutsi (Leibniz University of Hanover)
Learning Temporal State of Diabetes Patients via Combining Behavioral and Demographic Data
Author(s): Houping Xiao (SUNY Buffalo);Jing Gao (SUNY Buffalo);Long Vu (IBM TJ Watson);Deepak Turaga (IBM TJ Watson)
Predicting Optimal Facility Location Without Customer Locations
Author(s): Emre Yilmaz (Bilkent University);Sanem Elbasi (Bilkent University);Hakan Ferhatosmanoglu (Bilkent University)
Supporting Employer Name Normalization at both Entity and Cluster Level
Author(s): Qiaoling Liu (CareerBuilder LLC);Faizan Javed (Careerbuilder);Vachik Dave (Indiana University - Purdue University, Indianapolis);Ankita Joshi (University of Georgia)
Increasing Yield by Dropping Constraints in Ad Serving
Author(s): Brendan Kitts (Lucid Commerce)
Toward Automated Fact-Checking: Detecting Check-worthy Factual Claims by ClaimBuster
Author(s): Naeemul Hassan (University of Mississippi);Fatma Arslan (University of Texas at Arlington);Chengkai Li (University of Texas at Arlington);Mark Tremayne (University of Texas at Arlington)
Discovering Fine Grained Pollution Sources and Propagation Patterns in Urban Area
Author(s): Yun Cheng (Air Scientific);Xiucheng Li (Nanyang Technological University);Gao Cong (Nanyang Technological University);Lisi Chen (Department of Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University)
Real-Time Optimization Of Web Publisher RTB Revenues
Author(s): Pedro Chahuara (XRCE);Jean-Michel Renders (Xerox Research Centre Europe);Nicolas Grislain (AlephD);Gregoire Jauvion (AlephD)
A Practical Algorithm for Solving the Incoherence Problem of Topic Models In Industrial Applications
Author(s): Amr Ahmed (google);James Long (google);Dan Silva (google);Yuan Wang (google)
Collecting and Analyzing Millions of mHealth Data Streams
Author(s): Thomas Quisel (Evidation Health);Luca Foschini (Evidation Health);Alessio Signorini (Evidation Health);David Kale (USC Information Sciences Institute)
Dynamic Attention Deep Model for Article Recommendation by Learning Human Editors Demonstration
Author(s): Xuejian Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University);Lantao Yu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University);Kan Ren (Shanghai Jiao Tong University);Guanyu Tao (ULU Technologies Inc.);Weinan Zhang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University);Jun Wang (University College London);Yong Yu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
A Taxi Order Dispatch Model based On Combinatorial Optimization
Author(s): Lingyu Zhang (Didi Chuxing);Tao Hu (Didi Chuxing);Yue Min (Didi Chuxing);Guobin Wu (Didi Chuxing);Junying Zhang (Didi Chuxing);Pengcheng Feng (Didi Chuxing);Pinghua Gong (Didi Chuxing);Jieping Ye (Didi Chuxing)
AESOP: Automatic Policy Learning for Predicting and Mitigating Network Service Impairments
Author(s): Supratim Deb (AT&T Labs);Zihui Ge (AT&T Labs);Sastry Isukapalli (AT&T Labs);Sarat Puthenpura (AT&T Labs);Shobha Venkataraman (AT&T Labs);He Yan (AT&T Labs);Jennifer Yates (AT&T Labs)
Finding Precursors to Anomalous Drop in Airspeed During a Flight’s Take-off
Author(s): Vijay Manikandan Janakiraman (USRA/ NASA AMES Research Center);Bryan Matthews (SGT/ NASA AMES Research Center);Nikunj Oza (NASA AMES Research Center)
Customer Life Time Value (CLTV) Prediction Using Embeddings
Author(s): Ben Chamberlain (Imperial College London);Angelo Cardoso (ASOS);Bryan Liu (ASOS);Marc Deisenroth (Imperial College London);Roberto Paglieri (ASOS)
Visual Search at eBay
Author(s): Fan Yang (eBay Inc.);Ajinkya Kale (eBay Inc.);Yury Bubnov (eBay Inc.);Leon Stein (eBay Inc.);Qiaosong Wang (eBay Inc.);Hadi Kiapour (eBay Inc.);Robinson Piramuthu (eBay Inc.)
Learning Tree-Structured Detection Cascades for Heterogeneous Networks of Embedded Devices
Author(s): Hamid Dadkhahi (UMass Amherst);Benjamin Marlin (UMass Amherst)
DeepProbe: Information Directed Sequence Understanding and Chatbot Design via Recurrent Neural Netwo
Author(s): Zi Yin (Stanford University);Keng-Hao Chang (Microsoft);Ruofei Zhang (Microsoft)
An Intelligent Customer Care Assistant System for Large-Scale Cellular Network Diagnosis
Author(s): Lujia Pan (Noah Ark's Lab, Huawei Technologies);Jianfeng Zhang (Noah Ark's Lab, Huawei Technologies);Patrick P. C. Lee (The Chinese University of Hong Kong);Hong Cheng (The Chinese University of Hong Kong);Cheng He (Noah Ark's Lab, Huawei Technologies);Caifeng He (Noah Ark's Lab, Huawei Technologies);Keli Zhang (Noah Ark's Lab, Huawei Technologies)
Train and Distribute: Managing Simplicity vs. Flexibility in High-Level Machine Learning Frameworks
Author(s): Heng-Tze Cheng (Google);Lichan Hong (Google);Mustafa Ispir (Google);Clemens Mewald (Google);Zakaria Haque (Google);Illia Polosukhin (Google);Georgios Roumpos (Google);D Sculley (Google);Jamie Smith (Google);David Soergel (Google);Yuan Tang (Uptake Technologies);Philipp Tucker (Google);Martin Wicke (Google);Cassandra Xia (Google);Jianwei Xie (Google)
Discovering Concepts Using Large Table Corpus
Author(s): Keqian Li (University of California, Santa Barbara);Yeye He (Microsoft Research);Kris Ganjam (Microsoft Research)
Contextual Spatial Outlier Detection with Metric Learning
Author(s): Guanjie Zheng (College of Information Sciences and Technology, Pennsylvania State University);Susan L. Brantley (Department of Geosciences, Pennsylvania State University);Zhenhui Li (College of Information Sciences and Technology, Pennsylvania State University)
Optimized Cost per Click in Taobao Display Advertising
Author(s): Han Zhu (Alibaba Inc.);Junqi Jin (Alibaba Inc.);Chang Tan (Alibaba Inc.);Fei Pan (Alibaba Inc.);Yifan Zeng (Alibaba Inc.);Han Li (Alibaba Inc.);Kun Gai (Alibaba Inc.)
BDT: Boosting Decision Tables for High Accuracy and Scoring Efficiency
Author(s): Yin Lou (Airbnb);Mikhail Obukhov (LinkedIn)
RUSH! Targeted Time-limited Coupons via Purchase Forecasts
Author(s): Emaad Manzoor (Carnegie Mellon University);Leman Akoglu (Carnegie Mellon University)
Formative essay feedback using predictive scoring models
Author(s): Bronwyn Woods (Turnitin);David Adamson (Turnitin);Shayne Miel (Turnitin);Elijah Mayfield (Turnitin)
Resolving the Bias in Electronic Medical Records
Author(s): Kaiping Zheng (National University of Singapore);Jinyang Gao (National University of Singapore);Kee Yuan Ngiam (National University Health System);Beng Chin Ooi (National University of Singapore);Wei Luen James Yip (National University Health System)
Optimization Beyond Prediction: Prescriptive Price Optimization
Author(s): Shinji Ito (NEC coorporation);Ryohei Fujimaki (NEC)
Learning to Count Mosquitoes for the Sterile Insect Technique
Author(s): Yaniv Ovadia (Google);Yoni Halpern (Google);Dilip Krishnan (Google);Josh Livni (Verily);Daniel Newburger (Verily);Ryan Poplin (Google, Inc.);Tiantian Zha (Verily (Google Life Sciences));D. Sculley (Google, Inc.)
Embedding-based News Recommendation for Millions of Users
Author(s): Shumpei Okura (Yahoo! JAPAN);Yukihiro Tagami (Yahoo Japan Corporation);Shingo Ono (Yahoo Japan Corporation);Akira Tajima (Yahoo! Japan)
Extremely Fast Decision Tree Mining for Evolving Data Streams
Author(s): Albert Bifet (Telecom ParisTech);Jiajin Zhang (Noah's Ark Lab, Huawei);Wei Fan (Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab);Cheng He (Noah's Ark Lab, Huawei);Jianfeng Zhang (Noah's Ark Lab, Huawei);Jianfeng Qian (Huawei Noah's Ark Lab);Geoffrey Holmes (University of Waikato);Bernhard Pfahringer (University of Waikato)
Local Algorithm for User Action Prediction Towards Display Ads
Author(s): Hongxia Yang (Alibaba Group);Yada Zhu (IBM);Jingrui He (Arizona State University)
A Hybrid Framework for Text Modeling with Convolutional RNN
Author(s): Chenglong Wang (Alibaba Group);Feijun Jiang (Alibaba Group);Hongxia Yang (Alibaba Group)
Multi-view Learning over Retinal Thickness and Visual Sensitivity on Glaucomatous Eyes
Author(s): Toshimitsu Uesaka (The University of Tokyo);Kai Morino (The University of Tokyo);Hiroki Sugiura (The University of Tokyo);Taichi Kiwaki (The University of Tokyo);Hiroshi Murata (The University of Tokyo);Ryo Asaoka (The University of Tokyo);Kenji Yamanishi (The University of Tokyo)
Internet Device Graphs
Author(s): Matthew Malloy (comScore);Paul Barford (comScore, University of Wisconsin);Enis Ceyhun Alp (University of Wisconsin);Jonathan Koller (comScore);Adria Jewel (comScore)
STAR: A System for Ticket Analysis and Resolution
Author(s): Wubai Zhou (Florida International University);Wei Xue (Florida International University);Tao Li (Florida International University);Chunqiu Zeng (Florida International University);Wang Qing (Florida International University);Larisa Shwartz (IBM Research);Genady Ya. Grabarnik (St. John's University)
Deep Design: Product Aesthetics for Heterogeneous Markets
Author(s): Yanxin Pan (University of Michigan);Alexander Burnap (University of Michigan);Jeffrey Hartley (General Motors);Richard Gonzalez (University of Michigan);Panos Papalambros (University of Michigan)
Using Machine Learning to Improve Emergency Medical Dispatch Decisions
Author(s): Karen Lavi (Friedrich Miescher Institute, Part of Novartis Research Foundation);Ritvik Kharkar (UCLA);Mathew Kiang (Harvard Public Health Schoool);Christoph Hartmann (Boston Consulting Group);Paul Van Der Boor (McKinsey & Company);Adolfo De Unanue (Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico);Leigh Tami (Office of Performance & Data Analytics, City of Cincinnati);Anson Turley (Cincinnati Fire Department);Cedric Robinson (Cincinnati Fire Department);Brandon Crowley (Office of Performance & Data Analytics, City of Cincinnati);Eric Potash (Center for Data Science & Public Policy, University of Chicago);Rayid Ghani (Center for Data Science & Public Policy, University of Chicago)
Automatic Application Identification from Billions of Files
Author(s): Kyle Soska (CMU);Christopher Gates (Symantec);Kevin Roundy (Symantec);Nicolas Christin (CMU)