KDD Papers

Efficient Correlated Topic Modeling with Topic Embedding

Junxian He (Carnegie Mellon University);Zhiting Hu (carnegie mellon university);Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick (carnegie mellon university);Ying Huang (Shanghai Jiaotong University);Eric Xing (carnegie mellon university)


Correlated topic modeling has been limited to small model and problem sizes due to their high computational cost and poor scaling. In this paper, we propose a new model which learns compact topic embeddings and captures topic correlations through the closeness between the topic vectors. Our method enables efficient inference in the low-dimensional embedding space, reducing previous cubic or quadratic time complexity to linear w.r.t the topic size. We further speedup variational inference with a fast sampler to exploit sparsity of topic occurrence. Extensive experiments show that our approach is capable of handling model and data scales which are several orders of magnitude larger than existing correlation results, without sacrificing modeling quality by providing competitive or superior performance in document classification and retrieval.