KDD Papers

An Intelligent Customer Care Assistant System for Large-Scale Cellular Network Diagnosis

Lujia Pan (Noah Ark's Lab, Huawei Technologies);Jianfeng Zhang (Noah Ark's Lab, Huawei Technologies);Patrick P. C. Lee (The Chinese University of Hong Kong);Hong Cheng (The Chinese University of Hong Kong);Cheng He (Noah Ark's Lab, Huawei Technologies);Caifeng He (Noah Ark's Lab, Huawei Technologies);Keli Zhang (Noah Ark's Lab, Huawei Technologies)


With the advent of cellular network technologies, mobile Internet access becomes the norm in everyday life. In the meantime, the complaints made by subscribers about unsatisfactory cellular network access also become increasingly frequent. From a network operator’s perspective, achieving accurate and timely cellular network diagnosis about the causes of the complaints is critical for both improving subscriber-perceived experience and maintaining network robustness. We present the Intelligent Customer Care Assistant (ICCA), a distributed fault classification system that exploits a data-driven approach to perform large-scale cellular network diagnosis. ICCA takes massive network data as input, and realizes both offline model training and online feature computation to distinguish between user and network faults in real time. ICCA is currently deployed in a metropolitan LTE network in China that is serving around 50 million subscribers. We show via evaluation that ICCA achieves high classification accuracy (85.3%) and fast query response time (less than 2.3 seconds). We also report our experiences learned from the deployment.