Announcing KDD Cup 2017: Highway Tollgates Traffic Flow Prediction

Detailed information can now be found on the KDD Cup 2017 website.

A team from Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, has been selected to organize the KDD Cup 2017 among a number of teams that submitted promising and strong proposals. This year’s competition titled “Highway Tollgates Traffic Flow Prediction” seeks to empower traffic management authorities with data-driven preemptive measures and to pave the way towards holistic and realistic solution to traffic bottlenecks.

“Harnessing advanced data technologies to resolve real-world issues across all sectors is a key component of Alibaba Cloud’s mission. In the transportation field, we have developed pioneering capabilities which provide real-time traffic prediction and recommendations on travel routes in China. It is our honour to host the KDD cup this year and we look forward to collaborating with talents worldwide to address traffic congestion challenges”, said Dr. Wanli Min, Data and AI Scientist at Alibaba Cloud.

Congratulations to the KDD Cup 2017 organizers from Alibaba Cloud: Yu Liu, Wanli Min, Kuan Song, Xichun Tian, Jiawei Wang, Shuang Wu, Yiting Wang, Liang Yu, and Xinfa Yan!

The KDD Cup website is now open to participants to examine the problem and raise questions on the accompanying forum. Winners of the KDD Cup will be announced on June 15, 2017

For all questions regarding the competition please visit KDD Cup Forum or send an email to