KDD Papers

Distributed Local Outlier Detection in Big Data

Yizhou Yan (Worcester Polytechnic Institute);Lei Cao (Massachusetts Institute of Technology);Caitlin Kuhlman (Worcester Polytechnic Institute);Elke Rundensteiner (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)


In this work, we present the first distributed solution for the Local Outlier Factor (LOF) method—a popular outlier detection technique shown to be very effective for datasets with skewed distributions. As datasets increase radically in size, highly scalable LOF algorithms leveraging modern distributed infrastructures are required. This poses significant challenges due to the complexity of the LOF definition, and a lack of access to the entire dataset at any individual compute machine. Our solution features a distributed LOF pipeline framework, called DLOF. Each stage of the LOF computation is conducted in a fully distributed fashion by leveraging our invariant observation for intermediate value management. Furthermore, we propose a data assignment strategy which ensures that each machine is self-sufficient in all stages of the LOF pipeline, while minimizing the number of data replicas. Based on the convergence property derived from analyzing this strategy in the context of real world datasets, we introduce a number of data-driven optimization strategies. These strategies not only minimize the computation costs within each stage, but also eliminate unnecessary communication costs by aggressively pushing the LOF computation into the early stages of the DLOF pipeline. Our comprehensive experimental study using both real and synthetic datasets confirms the efficiency and scalability of our approach to terabyte level data.