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Large scale sentiment learning with limited labels

KDD Papers

Large scale sentiment learning with limited labels

Vasileios Iosifidis (Leibniz University of Hanover);Eirini Ntoutsi (Leibniz University of Hanover)


Sentiment analysis is an important task in order to gain insights over the huge amounts of opinions that are generated in the social media on a daily basis. Although there is a lot of work on sentiment analysis, there are no many datasets available which one can use for developing new methods and for evaluation. To the best of our knowledge, the largest dataset for sentiment analysis is TSentiment, a 1.6 millions machine-annotated tweets dataset covering a period of about 3 months in 2009. This dataset however is too short and therefore insufficient to study heterogeneous, fast evolving streams. Therefore, we annotated the Twitter dataset of 2015 (275 million tweets) and we make it publicly available for research. For the annotation we leveraged the power of unlabeled data, together with labeled data which we derived using emoticons and emoticon-lexicons, using semi-supervised learning and in particular, Self-Learning and Co-Training. Our main contribution is the provision of the TSentiment15 dataset together with insights from the analysis, which includes both batch-and stream-processing of the data. In the former, all labeled and unlabeled data are available to the algorithms from the beginning, whereas in the later, they are revealed gradually based on their arrival time in the stream.