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KDD 2018 Startup Research Awards Call for Applications

We are proudly offering a startup research award which aims to encourage the participation of employees of startups, working in the broadly understood Data Science area, in KDD 2018. Priority will be given to attendees who have an accepted work either in the main KDD 2018 conference program (either Research Track or Applied Data Science Track), or in one of the workshops.

KDD 2018 invites applications for Startup Research Awards. Interested, eligible individuals should apply by June 15, 2018, sending the following information to

  1. Applicant’s Name, affiliated company, position in the company, applicant’s location
  2. A letter, on the company letterhead, signed by the company’s CEO, giving basic information about the company (date of incorporation, number of employees, total funding - in US$ - secured from start to now.) Only companies with total funding not exceeding US$10M are eligible.
  3. A brief description of the accepted works in KDD 2018, and other research achievements by the company.
  4. A link to the company’s website.

Awards will be granted on a competitive basis, decided by the Startup Research Awards Committee. The award will cover the conference registration fee (early bird level) and up to US$ 2300 for travel and lodging.

The Startup Research Awards Committee will inform the applicants by email about its decisions by June 22, 2018. Successful applicants will be expected to front the cost (both registration and travel), and will be subsequently reimbursed the cost up to the amount of the award.

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