Accepted Papers

When Sentiment Analysis Meets Social Network: A Holistic User Behavior Modeling in Opinionated Data

Lin Gong (University of Virginia); Hongning Wang (University of Virginia)

User modeling is critical for understanding user intents, while it is also challenging as user intents are so diverse and not directly observable. Most existing works exploit specific types of behavior signals for user modeling, e.g., opinionated data or network structure; but the dependency among different types of user-generated data is neglected.

We focus on self-consistence across multiple modalities of user-generated data to model user intents. A probabilistic generative model is developed to integrate two companion learning tasks of opinionated content modeling and social network structure modeling for users. Individual users are modeled as a mixture over the instances of paired learning tasks to realize their behavior heterogeneity, and the tasks are clustered by sharing a global prior distribution to capture the homogeneity among users. Extensive experimental evaluations on large collections of Amazon and Yelp reviews with social network structures confirm the effectiveness of the proposed solution. The learned user models are interpretable and predictive: they enable more accurate sentiment classification and item/friend recommendations than the corresponding baselines that only model a singular type of user behaviors.

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