Accepted Papers

StockAssIstant: A Stock AI Assistant for Reliability Modeling of Stock Comments

Chen Zhang (360 Search Lab); Hao Wang (360 Search Lab); Changying Du (360 Search Lab); Yijun Wang (LineZone Data); Can Chen (LineZone Data); Hongzhi Yin (The University of Queensland)

Stock comments from analysts contain important consulting information for investors to foresee stock volatility and market trends. Existing studies on stock comments usually focused on capturing coarse-grained opinion polarities or understanding market fundamentals. However, investors are often overwhelmed and confused by massive comments with huge noises and ambiguous opinions. Therefore, it is an emerging need to have a fine-grained stock comment analysis tool to identify more reliable stock comments. To this end, this paper provides a solution called StockAssIstant for modeling the reliability of stock comments by considering multiple factors, such as stock price trends, comment content, and the performances of analysts, in a holistic manner. Specifically, we first analyze the pattern of analysts’ opinion dynamics from historical comments. Then, we extract key features from the time-series constructed by using the semantic information in comment text, stock prices and the historical behaviors of analysts. Based on these features, we propose an ensemble learning based approach for measuring the reliability of comments. Finally, we conduct extensive experiments and provide a trading simulation on real-world stock data. The experimental results and the profit achieved by the simulated trading in 12-month period clearly validate the effectiveness of our approach for modeling the reliability of stock comments.

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