Accepted Papers

Interactive Paths Embedding for Semantic Proximity Search on Heterogeneous Graphs

Zemin Liu (Zhejiang University); Vincent W. Zheng (Advanced Digital Sciences Center); Zhou Zhao (Zhejiang University); Zhao Li (Alibaba Group); Hongxia Yang (Alibaba Group); Minghui Wu (Zhejiang University); Jing Ying (Zhejiang University)

Semantic proximity search on heterogeneous graph is an important task, and is useful for many applications. It aims to measure the proximity between two nodes on a heterogeneous graph w.r.t. some given semantic relation. Prior work often tries to measure the semantic proximity by paths connecting a query object and a target object. Despite the success of such path-based approaches, they often modeled the paths in a weakly coupled manner, which overlooked the rich interactions among paths. In this paper, we introduce a novel concept of interactive paths to model the inter-dependency among multiple paths between a query object and a target object. We then propose an Interactive Paths Embedding (IPE) model, which learns low-dimensional representations for the resulting interactive-paths structures for proximity estimation. We conduct experiments on seven relations with four different types of heterogeneous graphs, and show that our model outperforms the state-of-the-art baselines.

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