Accepted Papers

Deep Censored Learning of the Winning Price in the Real Time Bidding

Wush Chi-Hsuan Wu (National Taiwan University); Mi-Yen Yeh (Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica); Ming-Syan Chen (National Taiwan University)

We generalize the winning price model to incorporate the deep learning models with different distributions and propose an algorithm to learn from the historical bidding information, where the winning price are either observed or partially observed. We study if the successful deep learning models of the click-through rate can enhance the prediction of the winning price or not. We also study how different distributions of winning price can affect the learning results. Experiment results show that the deep learning models indeed boost the prediction quality when they are learned on the historical observed data. In addition, the deep learning models on the unobserved data are improved after learning from the censored data. The main advantage of the proposed generalized deep learning model is to provide more flexibility to model the winning price and improve the performance in consideration of the possibly various winning price distributions and various model structures in practice.

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