Student Travel Award Application

Student Volunteer Awards will be available for students attending KDD-2013. Awards will provide partial funding for travel and registration expenses.

Application process

To be eligible for the award, a student must be:

  1. An author (or a co-author) of an accepted paper at KDD-2013, and
  2. A full-time student at the time of paper acceptance

The award recipients must attend KDD-2013 in order to receive the award. Furthermore, the student must be available to help with organizational tasks during the conference.

The awards will be given in the following order and limited by available funds, to:

  1. Students who are sole authors of papers
  2. Students who are first authors of papers
  3. Students who are co-authors, but not first authors of papers

Students whose papers have been accepted to KDD-2013 are invited to apply for the travel awards by June 1, 2013 by sending:

  1. Your name, email address, post-mail address, school information
  2. Title page of their accepted KDD-2013 paper
  3. Proof of their full-time student status (e.g. proof of full-time registration status for current semester, or a copy of a valid student ID, or a letter from supervising faculty member)

Send the application with the subject “KDD student travel application” via email to the Student Awards Co-Chairs: