Research Program

  MONDAY- Aug 12th
    1: Document and topic models
David Gleich
Chicago 8
    2: Social media
Jure Leskovec
Chicago 9
    3: Big data frameworks
Wei Wang
Chicago 10
    4: Graph mining
Ian Davidson
Chicago 8
    5: Classification
Chih-Jen Lin
Chicago 9
    6: Healthcare and bioinformatics
Jimeng Sun
Chicago 8
    7: Recommender systems
Thorsten Joachims
Chicago 9
  TUESDAY- Aug 13th
    8: Temporal/social influence
Jie Tang
Chicago 8
    9: Sparse learning
Jieping Ye
Chicago 9
    10: Graph clustering
Neel Sundaresan
Chicago 10
    11: Scalable methods for big data
Tina Eliassi-Rad
Chicago 8
    12: Diffusion in social networks
Chris Clifton
Chicago 9
    13: Time series and spatial data
Tanya Berger-Wolf
Chicago 10
    14: Unsupervised and topic learning
Jiawei Han
Chicago 8
    15: Social and information networks
Shou-De Lin
Chicago 9
  WEDNESDAY- Aug 14th
    16: Graph mining and sampling
Hanghang Tong
Chicago 8
    17: Rule and pattern mining
Francesco Bonchi
Chicago 9
    18: Web mining
Ronny Kohavi
Chicago 10
    Best Papers [Joint Research and IG]
Chicago 6/7


PRESENTERS PLEASE NOTE: All research talks & best papers are no more than 20 minutes. This includes time for questions.

Monday 10:30-12pm (90 min session)
Research Session 1: Document and topic models

980 One Theme in All Views: Modeling Consensus Topics in Multiple Contexts
Authors: Jian Tang, Peking University; Ming Zhang, ; Qiaozhu Mei, University of Michigan
198 Representing Documents Through Their Readers
Authors: Khalid El-Arini, Carnegie Mellon University; Min Xu, Carnegie Mellon University; Emily Fox, University of Washington; Carlos Guestrin, University of Washington
811 Text-Based Measures of Document Diversity
Authors: Kevin Bache, University of California, Irvine; Padhraic Smyth, UC Irvine; David Newman, University of California, Irvine
528 Diversity Maximization Under Matroid Constraints
Authors: Zeinab Abbassi, Columbia University; Vahab Mirrokni, Google; Mayur Thakur, Google

Research Session 2: Social media

611 Connecting Users across Social Media Sites: A Behavioral-Modeling Approach
Authors: Reza Zafarani, Arizona State University; Huan Liu, Arizona State University
722 Automatic selection of social media responses to news
Authors: Tadej _tajner, Jo_ef Stefan Institute; Bart Thomee, Yahoo! Research; Ana Maria Popescu, Yahoo! Labs; Marco Pennacchiotti, eBay Inc.; Alejandro Jaimes, Yahoo!
1041 Estimating Unbiased Sharer Reputation via Social Data Calibration
Authors: Jaewon Yang, Stanford University; Bee-Chung Chen, LinkedIn; Deepak Agarwal, LinkedIn
1045 Linking Named Entities in Tweets with Knowledge Base via User Interest Modeling
Authors: Wei Shen, Tsinghua University; Jianyong Wang, Tsinghua University; Ping Luo, HP Lab; Min Wang, Google Research

Research Session 3: Big data frameworks

52 TurboGraph: A Fast Parallel Graph Engine Handling Billion-scale Graphs in a Single PC
Authors: Wook-Shin Han, POSTECH; Sangyeon Lee, POSTECH; Kyungyeol Park, POSTECH; Jeong-Hoon Lee, POSTECH; Min-Soo Kim, DGIST; Jinha Kim, POSTECH; Hwanjo Yu, POSTECH
142 A Probabilistic Framework for Big Data Pipelines
Authors: Karthik Raman, Cornell University; Adith Swaminathan, Cornell University; Thorsten Joachims, Cornell; Johannes Gehrke, Cornell University
914 Big Data Analytics with Small Footprint: Squaring the Cloud
Authors: John Canny, UC Berkeley; Huasha Zhao, UC Berkeley


Monday 3:00-4:30pm (90 min session)
Research Session 4: Graph mining

583 Denser than the densest subgraph: extracting optimal quasi-cliques with quality guarantees
Authors: Charalampos Tsourakakis, Carnegie Mellon University; Francesco Bonchi, Yahoo! Research; Aristides Gionis, Aalto University; Francesco Gullo, Yahoo! Research; Maria Tsiarli, University of Pittsburgh
399 Guided Learning for Role Discovery (GLRD): Framework, Algorithms, and Applications
Authors: Sean Gilpin, U.C. Davis; Tina Eliassi-Rad, ; Ian Davidson, University of California – Davis
1083 Redundancy-Aware Maximal Cliques
Authors: Jia Wang, Chinese University of Hong Kong; James Cheng, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Ada Wai-Chee Fu, Chinese University of Hong Kong
569 Selective Sampling on Graphs for Classification
Authors: Quanquan Gu, CS, UIUC; Charu Aggarwal, IBM Research; Jialu Liu, UIUC; Jiawei Han, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research Session 5: Classification

95 Density-Based Logistic Regression
Authors: Wenlin Chen, Yixin Chen, Washington University in St Louis; Yi Mao, Baolong Guo, Xidian University
627 MILS: Multi-Instance Learning from Multiple Information Sources
Authors: Dan Zhang, Purdue University; Jingrui He, Stevens Institute of Technolog; Richard Lawrence, IBM Research
572 Querying Discriminative and Representative Samples for Batch Mode Active Learning
Authors: Zheng Wang, Arizona State University; Jieping Ye, Arizona State University
863 SVM_{pAUC}^{tight}: A New Support Vector Method for Optimizing Partial AUC Based on a Tight Convex Upper Bound
Authors: Harikrishna Narasimhan, Indian Institute of Science; Shivani Agarwal, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


Monday 5:00-6:10pm (70 min session)
Research Session 6:Healthcare and bioinformatics

543 Succinct Interval-Splitting Tree for Scalable Similarity Search of Compound-Protein Pairs with Property Constraints
Authors: Yasuo Tabei, JST; Akihiro Kishimoto, IBM Research, Dublin; Masaaki Kotera, Kyoto University; Yoshihiro Yamanishi, Kyushu university
191 Multi-Source Learning with Block-wise Missing Data For Alzheimer’s Disease Prediction
Authors: Shuo Xiang, Arizona State University; Lei Yuan, Arizona State University; Wei Fan, IBM Research; Yalin Wang, ; Paul Thompson, ; Jieping Ye, Arizona State University
395 Network Discovery via Constrained Tensor Analysis of fMRI Data
Authors: Ian Davidson, University of California – Davis

Research Session 7: Recommender systems

631 Learning to question: Leveraging user preferences for shopping advice
Authors: Mahashweta Das, Univ of Texas at Arlington; Gianmarco De Francisci Morales, Yahoo! Research; Aristides Gionis, Aalto University; Ingmar Weber, Qatar Computing Research Institute
444 Active Learning and Search on Low-Rank Matrices
Authors: Dougal Sutherland, Carnegie Mellon University; Barnab‡s P—czos, Carnegie Mellon University; Jeff Schneider,
293 LCARS: A Location-Content-Aware Recommender System
Authors: Hongzhi Yin, Peking University; Yizhou Sun, ; Bin Cui, Peking University; Zhiting Hu, ; Ling Chen


Tuesday 10:30-12pm (90 min session)
Research Session 8: Temporal/social influence

425 Discovering Latent Influence in Online Social Activities via Shared Cascade Poisson Processes
Authors: Tomoharu Iwata, NTT Communication Science Laboratories; Amar Shah, University of Cambridge; Zoubin Ghahramani, Cambridge University
707 STRIP: Stream Learning of Influence Probabilities
Authors: Konstantin Kutzkov, University of Copenhagen; Albert Bifet, Yahoo! Research; Francesco Bonchi, Yahoo! Research; Aristides Gionis, Aalto University
18 Fast Structure Learning in Generalized Stochastic Processes with Latent Factors
Authors: Mohammad Taha Bahadori, University of Southern Califor; Yan Liu, University of Southern California; Eric Xing, CMU

Research Session 9: Sparse learning

770 Robust Sparse Estimation of Multiresponse Regression and Inverse Covariance Matrix via the L2 distance
Authors: Aurelie Lozano, IBM Research; Huijing Jiang, IBM Research; Xinwei Deng, Virginia Tech
1167 Exact Sparse Recovery with L0 Projections
Authors: Ping Li, Cornell University; Cun-Hui Zhang, Rutgers University
251 Robust Principal Component Analysis via Capped Norms
Authors: Qian Sun, Arizona State University; Shuo Xiang, Arizona State University; Jieping Ye, Arizona State University

Research Session 10: Graph clustering

93 Flexible and Robust Co-regularized Multi-Domain Graph Clustering
Authors: Wei Cheng, UNC at Chapel Hill; xiang Zhang, Case Western Reserve University; Patrick Sullivan, UNC at Chapel Hill; Wei Wang, University of California, Los Angeles
1186 Clustered Graph Randomization: Network Exposure to Multiple Universes
Authors: Johan Ugander, Cornell University; Brian Karrer, Facebook; Lars Backstrom, Facebook; Jon Kleinberg, Cornell
566 Social Influence Based Clustering of Heterogeneous Information Networks
Authors: Yang Zhou, Georgia Institute of Technolog; Ling Liu, Georgia Institute of Technology


Tuesday 3-4:30pm (90 min session)
Research Session 11: Scalable methods for big data

773 Comparing Apples to Oranges: A Scalable Solution with Heterogeneous Hashing
Authors: Mingdong Ou, Tsinghua University; Peng Cui, Tsinghua University; Fei Wang, IBM T. J. Watson Research Lab; Jun Wang, IBM Research
166 Fast and Scalable Polynomial Kernels via Explicit Feature Maps
Authors: Ninh Pham, IT University of Copenhagen; Rasmus Pagh, IT University of Copenhagen
434 Indexed Block Coordinate Descent for Large-Scale Linear Classification with Limited Memory
Authors: En-Hsu Yen, National Taiwan University; Chun-Fu Chang, National Taiwan University; Ting-Wei Lin, National Taiwan University; Shan-Wei Lin, National Taiwan University; Shou-De Lin, National Taiwan University
577 Recursive Regularization for Large-scale Classification with Hierarchical and Graphical Dependencies
Authors: Siddharth Gopal, CMU; Yiming Yang, CMU

Research Session 12: Diffusion in social networks

1163 Confluence: Conformity Influence in Large Social Networks
Authors: Jie Tang, Tsinghua University; Sen Wu, Tsinghua University; Jimeng Sun, IBM Research
291 The Role of Information Diffusion in the Evolution of Social Networks
Authors: Lilian Weng, Indiana University; Jacob Ratkiewicz, Google Inc.; Nicola Perra, Northeastern University; Bruno Goncalves, Aix-Marseille Universite; Carlos Castillo, Qatar Computing Research Institute; Francesco Bonchi, Yahoo! Research; Rossano Schifanella, Universita degli Studi di Torino, Italy; Filippo Menczer, Indiana University; Alessandro Flammini, Indiana University
1006 Information Cascade at Group Scale
Authors: Milad Eftekhar, University of Toronto; Yashar Ganjali, University of Toronto; Nick Koudas, University of Toronto
120 Extracting Social Events for Learning Better Information Diffusion Models
Authors: Shuyang Lin, UIC; Fengjiao Wang, University of Illinois at Chic; Qingbo Hu, University of Illinois at Chic; philip Yu, University of Illinois at Chicago

Research Session 13: Time series and spatial data

341 Model Selection in Markovian Procsses
Authors: Assaf Hallak, The Technion; Dotan Di-Castro, Technion; Shie Mannor, Technion
511 DTW-D: Time Series Semi-Supervised Learning from a Single Example
Authors: Yanping Chen, UCR; Bing Hu, ; Eamonn Keogh, University of California – Riverside; Gustavo Batista,
1287 Model-based Kernel for Efficient Time Series Analysis
Authors: Huanhuan Chen, University of Birmingham; Fengzhen Tang, University of Birmingham; Peter Tino, University of Birmingham; Xin Yao, University of Birmingham
131 Mining Lines in the Sand: On Trajectory Discovery From Untrustworthy Data in Cyber-Physical System
Authors: Lu-An Tang, UIUC; Xiao Yu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Quanquan Gu, CS, UIUC; Jiawei Han, UIUC; Alice Leung, BBN; Thomas La Porta, PSU


Tuesday 5-6:30pm (90 min session)
Research Session 14: Unsupervised and topic learning

623 A General Bootstrap Performance Diagnostic
Authors: Ariel Kleiner, ; Ameet Talwalkar, UC Berkeley; Sameer Agarwal, ; Michael Jordan, ; Ion Stoica,
897 Subsampling for Efficient and Effective Unsupervised Outlier Detection Ensembles
Authors: Arthur Zimek, University of Alberta; Matthew Gaudet, University of Alberta; Ricardo J. G. Campello, University of Alberta; Jšrg Sander, University of Alberta
503 A Phrase Mining Framework for Recursive Construction of a Topical Hierarchy
Authors: Chi Wang, University of Illinois; Marina Danilevsky, University of Illinois; Nihit Desai, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Yinan Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Phuong Nguyen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Thrivikrama Taula, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Jiawei Han, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1199 Stochastic Collapsed Variational Bayesian Inference for Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Authors: James Foulds, UC Irvine; Levi Boyles, UC Irvine; Christopher Dubois, UC Irvine; Padhraic Smyth, UC Irvine; max Welling, University of Amsterdam

Research Session 15: Social and information networks

571 WiseMarket: A New Paradigm for Managing Wisdom of Online Social Users
Authors: Chen Cao, HKUST; Yongxin Tong, HKUST; Lei Chen, HKUST; H.V. Jagadish, University of Michigan
295 Multi-Label Relational Neighbor Classification using Social Context Features
Authors: Xi Wang, University of Central Florida; Gita Sukthankar, University of Central Florida
1162 Scalable Text and Link Analysis with Mixed-Topic Link Models
Authors: YAOJIA ZHU, University of New Mexico; Xiaoran Yan, University of New Mexico; Lise Getoor, The University of Maryland College Park; Cristopher Moore, Santa Fe Institute
730 Collaborative Boosting for Activity Classification in Microblogs
Authors: Yangqiu Song, HKUST; Zhengdong Lu, Huawei; Cane Wing-Ki Leung, Huawei; Qiang Yang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Wednesday 10:30-12pm (90 min session)
Research Session 16: Graph mining and sampling

752 Trace Complexity of Network Inference
Authors: Bruno Abrahao, Cornell; Flavio Chierichetti, Sapienza University; Robert Kleinberg, Cornell; Alessandro Panconesi, Sapienza University of Rome
1024 Debiasing Social Wisdom
Authors: Abhimanyu Das, Microsoft; Sreenivas Gollapudi, Microsoft Research; Rina Panigrahy, Microsoft Research; Mahyar Salek, Microsoft
1148 Mining Discriminative Subgraphs from Global-state Networks
Authors: Sayan Ranu, IBM; Minh Hoang, UC Santa Barbara; Ambuj Singh, UC Santa Barbara
249 Approximate Graph Mining with Label Costs
Authors: Pranay Anchuri, RPI; Mohammed Zaki, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Omer Barkol, HP Labs; Shahar Golan, HP Labs; Moshe Shamy, HP Labs

Research Session 17: Rule and pattern mining

392 Summarizing Probabilistic Frequent Patterns: A Fast Approach
Authors: Chunyang Liu, UTS; Ling Chen, ; Chengqi Zhang, QCIS, University of Technology, Sydney
668 Mining High Utility Episodes in Complex Event Sequences
Authors: Cheng-Wei Wu, National Cheng Kung University; Yu Feng Lin, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, ROC; Philip Yu, University of Illinois; Vincent Tseng, National Cheng Kung University
245 Mining Frequent Graph Patterns with Differential Privacy
Authors: Entong Shen, North Carolina State Univ; Ting Yu, North Carolina State University

Research Session 18: Web mining

240 Statistical Quality Estimation for General Crowdsourcing Tasks
Authors: Yukino Baba, The University of Tokyo; Hisashi Kashima, The University of Tokyo
1205 Exploring Consumer Psychology for Click Prediction in Sponsored Search
Authors: Taifeng Wang, Microsoft; Jiang Bian, ; Tie-Yan Liu, Microsoft Research
172 SiGMa: Simple Greedy Matching for Aligning Large Knowledge Bases
Authors: Simon Lacoste-Julien, INRIA / ENS; Konstantina Palla, University of Cambridge; Alex Davies, University of Cambridge; Gjergji Kasneci, Microsoft Research; Thore Graepel, Microsoft Research; Zoubin Ghahramani, Cambridge University


Monday 6:30-8:30pm
Research Poster Session

9 Where, When and What: Discover Spatio-Temporal Topics for Twitter Users
Quan Yuan, Nanyang Technological Univ.; Gao Cong, Nanyang Technological University; Zongyang Ma, Nanyang Technological University; Aixin Sun, Nanyang Technological University; Nadia Thalmann, Nanyang Technological University
10 Multi-Label Classification by Mining Label and Instance Correlations from Heterogeneous Information Networks
Xiangnan Kong, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago; Bokai Cao, Renmin University of China; Philip Yu, University of Illinois
40 Accurate Intelligible Models with Pairwise Interactions
Yin Lou, Cornell University; Rich Caruana, Microsoft Research; Johannes Gehrke, Cornell University; Giles Hooker, Cornell University
41 Spotting Opinion Spammers using Behavioral Footprints
ARJUN MUKHERJEE, UIC; Abhinav Kumar, ; Bing Liu, ; Junhui Wang, ; meichun Hsu, ; Malu Castellanos, ; riddhiman Ghosh,
132 An Efficient ADMM Algorithm for Multidimensional Anisotropic Total Variation Regularization Problems
Sen Yang, Arizona State University; Jie Wang, Arizona State University; Wei Fan, IBM Research; Xiatian Zhang, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd; Peter Wonka, Arizona State University; Jieping Ye, Arizona State University
137 Speeding up Large-Scale Learning with a Social Prior
Deepayan Chakrabarti, Facebook; Ralf Herbrich,
146 FISM: Factored Item Similarity Models for Top-N Recommender Systems
Santosh Kabbur, University of Minnesota; George Karypis, University of Minnesota
165 Nonparametric Hierarchal Bayesian Modeling in Non-contractual Heterogeneous Survival Data
Shouichi Nagano, NTT; Yusuke Ichikawa, NTT; Noriko Takaya, NTT; Tadasu Uchiyama, NTT; Makoto Abe, Tokyo University
179 Cross-Task Crowdsourcing
Kaixiang Mo, HKUST; Erheng Zhong, HKUST; Qiang Yang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
194 Evaluating the Crowd with Confidence
Manas Joglekar, Stanford University; Hector Garcia-Molina, Stanford University; Aditya Parameswaran, Stanford University
200 Inferring Social Roles and Statuses in Social Networks
Yuchen Zhao, UIC; Guan Wang, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago; Philip Yu, University of Illinois; Shaobo Liu, Linkedin; Simon Zhang, Linkedin
211 Adaptive Collective Routing Using Gaussian Process Dynamic Congestion Models
Siyuan Liu, CMU; Yisong Yue, Carnegie Mellon University; Ramayya Krishnan, Carnegie Mellon University
235 Maximizing Acceptance Probability for Active Friending in On-Line Social Networks
De-Nian Yang, Academia Sinica; Hui-Ju Hung, Academia Sinica; Wang-Chien Lee, ; Wei Chen, Microsoft Research
250 Mining Evolutionary Multi-Branch Trees from Text Streams
Xiting Wang, Tsinghua University; Yangqiu Song, HKUST; Shixia Liu, Microsoft Research; Baining Guo, Microsoft Research Asai
261 Active Search on Graphs
Xuezhi Wang, Carnegie Mellon University; Jeff Schneider, ; Roman Garnett,
269 Fast Rank-2 Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Hierarchical Document Clustering
Da Kuang, Georgia Institute of Technology; Haesun Park, Georgia Institute of Technology
294 Probabilistic Path Prediction in Dynamic Environments
Jingbo Zhou, NUS; Anthony TUNG , SoC,NUS; Wei Wu, I2R, Astar; Wee Siong Ng, I2R, Astar
301 Optimizing Parallel Belief Propagation in Junction Trees: Using Regression
Lu Zheng, Carnegie Mellon University; Ole Mengshoel, Carnegie Mellon University
324 Multi-Source Deep Learning for Information Trustworthiness Estimation
Liang Ge, University at Buffalo; Jing Gao, Univ. of Buffalo; Xiaoyi Li, The State University of New York; Aidong Zhang, University at Buffalo
345 Unsupervised Link Prediction Using Aggregative Statistics on Heterogeneous Social Networks
Tsung-Ting Kuo, National Taiwan University; Rui Yan, Peking University; Yu-Yang Huang, National Taiwan University; Perng-Hwa Kung, National Taiwan University; Shou-De Lin, National Taiwan University
347 Link Prediction with Social Vector Clocks
Conrad Lee, University College Dublin; Bobo Nick, Konstanz UniversitŠt; Ulrik Brandes, Konstanz UniversitŠt; P‡draig Cunningham, University College Dublin
355 Geo-Spotting: Mining Online Location-based Services for Optimal Retail Store Placement
Dmytro Karamshuk, University of Cambridge; Anastasios Noulas, University of Cambridge; Salvatore Scellato, University of Cambridge; Vincenzo Nicosia, University of Cambridge; Cecilia Mascolo, University of Cambridge
388 Location-Aware Publish/Subscribe
Guoliang Li, Tsinghua Univeristy
408 Quadratic Optimization to Identify Highly Heritable Quantitative Traits from Complex Disease Features
Jiangwen Sun, University of Connecticut; Jinbo Bi, University of Connecticut; Henry Kranzler, University of Pennsylvania
409 Repetition-Aware Content Placement in Navigational Networks
Dora Erdos, Boston University; Vatche Ishakian, Boston University; Evimaria Terzi, Boston University; Azer Bestavros, Boston University
427 Metric All-Pairs Similarity Search on MapReduce
Ye Wang, OSU; Ahmed Metwally, Google Inc.; Srinivasan Parthasarathy, The Ohio State University
454 Massively Parallel Expectation Maximization Using Graphics Processing Units
Muzaffer Can Altinigneli, University of Munich; Claudia Plant, Helmholtz Center Munich; Christian Bšhm, University of Munich
478 Auto-WEKA: Combined Selection and Hyperparameter Optimization of Classification Algorithms
Chris Thornton, UBC; Frank Hutter, UBC; Holger Hoos, UBC; Kevin Leyton-Brown, UBC
479 Direct Optimization of Ranking Measures for Learning to Rank Models
Ming Tan, Wright State University; Tian Xia, Wright State University; Lily Guo, Wright State University; Shaojun Wang, Wright State University
510 Multi-space Probabilistic Sequence Modeling
Shuo Chen, Dept. of Computer Science, Cornell University; Jiexun Xu, Dept. of Computer Science, Cornell University; Thorsten Joachims, Cornell
516 Towards Never-Ending Learning from Time Series Streams
Yuan Hao, Univ of California, Riverside; Yanping Chen, UCR; Jesin Zakaria, ; Bing Hu, ; Thanawin Rakthanmanon, ; Eamonn Keogh, University of California – Riverside
526 Constrained Stochastic Gradient Descent for Large-scale Least Squares Problem
Yang Mu, UMass Boston; Wei Ding, University of Massachusetts Boston; Tianyi Zhou, University of Technology Sydney; Dacheng Tao, University of Technology Sydney
550 Making Recommendations from Multiple Domains
Wei Chen, National University of Singapore; Wynne Hsu, National University of Singapore; Mong-Li Lee, National University of Singapore
554 Cascading Outbreak Prediction in Networks: A Data-Driven Approach
Shifei JIN, Tsinghua University; Peng Cui, Tsinghua University; Linyun Yu, Tsinghua University; Fei Wang, IBM T. J. Watson Research Lab; Shiqiang Yang, Tsinghua University
589 Combining Latent Factor Model with Location Features for Event-based Group Recommendation
Wei Zhang, Department of Computer Science; Jianyong Wang, Tsinghua University
596 Cost-Sensitive Online Active Learning with Application to Malicious URL Detection
Peilin ZHAO, Nanyang Technological University; Steven Hoi, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
618 The Bang for the Buck: Fair Competitive Viral Marketing from the Host Perspective
Wei Lu, University of British Columbia; Francesco Bonchi, Yahoo! Research; Amit Goyal, University of British Columbia; Laks V.S. Lakshmanan,
629 Modeling the Dynamics of Composite Social Networks
Erheng Zhong, HKUST; Wei Fan, IBM Research; Yin Zhu, ; Qiang Yang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
685 Time-Dependent Loss Enhanced SVM for Time Series Regression
Goce Ristanoski, The University of Melbourne; Wei Liu, The University of Melbourne; James Bailey, The University of Melbourne
688 A New Collaborative Filtering Approach for Increasing the Aggregate Diversity of Recommender Systems
Katja Niemann, Fraunhofer FIT; Martin Wolpers, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology
720 Scalable Inference in Max-margin Supervised Topic Models
Jun Zhu, Tsinghua University; Xun Zheng, Beihang University; Li Zhou, Tsinghua University; Zhang Bo, Tsinghua University
724 A Data-driven Method for In-game Decision Making in MLB
Gartheeban Ganeshapillai, Massachusetts Institute of Tec; John Guttag, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
743 Exploiting User Clicks for Automatic Seed Set Generation for Entity Matching
Xiao Bai, Yahoo! Research Barcelona; Srinivasan Sengamedu, Komli Labs; Flavio Junqueira, Microsoft Research
748 Silence is also evidence: Interpreting dwell time for recommendation from Psychological Perspective
Peifeng Yin, Pennsylvania State University; Ping Luo, HP Lab; Wang-Chien Lee, ; Min Wang, Google Research
761 Efficient Single-Source Shortest Path and Distance Queries on Large Graphs
Xiaokui Xiao, Nanyang Technological University ; Andy Diwen Zhu, Nanyang Technological University; Sibo Wang, Nanyang Technological University; Wenqing Lin, Nanyang Technological University
765 On Community Detection in Real-World Networks and the Importance of Degree Assortativity
Marek Ciglan, IISAS; Kjetil N¿rvŒg, NTNU; Michal Laclav’k, IISAS
795 Trial and Error in Influential Social Networks
Xiaohui Bei, Nanyang Technological University; Ning Chen, Nanyang Technological Univ; Liyu Dou, Nanyang Technological University; Xiangru Huang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Ruixin Qiang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
797 Collaborative Matrix Factorization with Multiple Similarities for Predictin Drug-Target Interactions
Xiaodong Zheng, Fudan University; Hao Ding, Fudan University; Hiroshi Mamitsuka, Kyoto University; Shanfeng Zhu, Fudan University
801 FeaFiner: Biomarker Identification from Medical Data through Feature Generalization and Selection
Jiayu Zhou, Arizona State University; Zhaosong Lu, Simon Fraser University; Jimeng Sun, IBM Research ; Lei Yuan, Arizona State University; Fei Wang, IBM T. J. Watson Research Lab; Jieping Ye, Arizona State University
854 Learning Geographical Preferences for Point-of-Interest Recommendation
Bin Liu, Rutgers Univ; Yanjie Fu, Rutgers University; ZIjun Yao, Rutgers Univ; Hui Xiong, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
884 Learning Mixed Kronecker Product Graph Models with Simulated Method of Moments
Sebastian Moreno, Purdue University; Jennifer Neville, Purdue University; Sergey Kirshner, Purdue University
928 Measuring spontaneous devaluations in user preferences
Komal Kapoor, University of Minnesota Twin C; Nisheeth Srivastava, ; Jaideep Srivastava, University of Minnesota; Paul Schrater, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
963 Mining Evidences for Named Entity Disambiguation
Yang Li, University of California Santa Barbara; Chi Wang, University of Illinois; Fangqiu Han, University of California Santa Barbara; Jiawei Han, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Dan Roth, UIUC; Xifeng Yan, University of California at Santa
1052 Privacy-Preserving Data Exploration in Genome-Wide Association Studies
Aaron Johnson, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory; Vitaly Shmatikov, The University of Texas at Austin
1076 Synthetic Review Spamming and Defense
Alex Morales, ; Huan Sun, UCSB; Xifeng Yan, University of California at Santa Barbara
1097 Information Cartography: Creating Zoomable, Large-Scale Maps of Information
Dafna Shahaf, Stanford; Jaewon Yang, Stanford University; Caroline Suen, ; Jeff Jacobs, ; Heidi Wang, ; Jure Leskovec, Stanford University
1192 Restreaming Graph Partitioning: Simple Versatile Algorithms for Advanced Balancing
Joel Nishimura, Cornell University; Johan Ugander, Cornell University
1202 Understanding Evolution of Research Themes: A Probabilistic Generative Model for Citations
Xiaolong Wang, UIUC; ChengXiang Zhai, UIUC; Dan Roth, UIUC
1289 Discriminant Low-Rank Regression: On The Equivalence of Low-Rank Regression and Discriminant Analysis
Xiao Cai, Chris Ding, Feiping Nie, Heng Huang, University of Texas, Arlington