Industry Government

  MONDAY- Aug 12th
   IG 1: Business and Sports
James Shanahan
Mich   IGan
   IG 2: Health & Safety
Gabor Melli
Mich   IGan
   IG 3: Experimentation
D. Sculley
Mich   IGan
   IG 4: KDD For Social Good
Rayid Ghani
Mich   IGan
  TUESDAY- Aug 13th
   IG 5: Social & Communities
Martin Ellingsworth
Mich   IGan
   IG 6: Monitoring
Mohak Shah
Mich   IGan
   IG 7: Security & Privacy
Tilmann Bruckhaus
Mich   IGan
  WEDNESDAY- Aug 14th
   IG 8: Advertising and Search
Claudia Perlich
Mich   IGan
    Best Papers [Joint Research and IG]
Chicago 6/7

PRESENTERS PLEASE NOTE: Long talks & best papers are no more than 20 minutes. Short talks (see indication below) are no more than 10 minutes. This includes time for questions.

Monday 10:30-12pm
Industry Government Session 1: Business & Sports

177 Assessing Team Strategy using Spatiotemporal Data
Authors: Patrick Lucey, Disney Research Pittsburgh; Dean Oliver, ESPN; Iain Matthews, Disney Research; Peter Carr, Disney Research; Joe Roth, Disney Research
141 Financing Lead Triggers: Empowering Sales Reps Through Knowledge Discovery and Fusion
Authors: Kareem Aggour, GE Global Research; Bethany Hoogs, GE Global Research
470 iHR: An Online Recruiting System for Xiamen Talent Service Center
Authors: Lei Li, Florida International University; Wenxing Hong, Xiamen University; Wenfu Pan, Xiamen Talent Service Center; Tao Li, Florida International University
271 Exploratory Analysis of Highly Heterogeneous Document Collections
Authors: Arun Maiya, Institute for Defense Analyses

Monday 3:00-4:30pm
Industry Government Session 2: Health & Safety

53 Modeling and Probabilistic Reasoning of Population Evacuation During Large-scale Disaster
Authors: Xuan Song*, The University of Tokyo; Quanshi Zhang, The University of Tokyo; Yoshihide Sekimoto, Teerayut Horanont, The Univeristy of Tokyo; Satoshi Ueyama; Ryosuke Shibasaki, The University of Tokyo
1146 Towards long-lead forecasting of extreme flood events: a data mining framework for precipitation cluster precursors identification
Authors: Dawei Wang, UMass Boston; Wei Ding, University of Massachusetts Boston
Kui Yu; Xindong Wu; Ping Chen, University of Houston; David Small, Tufts University; Shafiqul Islam, Tufts University
700 Knowledge Discovery from Massive Healthcare Claims Data
Authors: Varun Chandola, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
281 An Integrated Framework for Suicide Risk Prediction (Short Talk)
Authors: Truyen Tran, Deakin University; Dinh Phung, Deakin University; Svetha Venkatesh, Deakin University; Wei Luo, Deakin University; Richard Harvey, Barwon Health; Michael Berk, Deakin University
973 Empirical Bayes Model to Combine Signals of Adverse Drug Reactions (Short Talk)
Authors: Rave Harpaz, Stanford University; William DuMouchel; Paea LePendu; Nigam Shah
780 Gaussian Multiple Instance Learning Approach for Mapping the Slums of the World Using Very High Resolution Imagery (Short Talk)
Authors: Ranga Vatsavai, Oak Ridge National Labs

Monday 5:00-6:10pm
Industry Government Session 3: Experimentation

1108 Dependence and Uncertainty in Large Experiments: An Evaluation of Bootstrap Methods (Short Talk)
Auhors: Eytan Bakshy, Facebook; Dean Eckles, Facebook
998 Predictive Model Performance: Online and Offline Evaluations (Short Talk)
Authors: Jeonghee Yi; Ye Chen, Microsoft; Jie Li, Microsoft; Swaraj Sett, Microsoft; Tak Yan, Microsoft; Jeonghee Yi, Microsoft
1075 Online Controlled Experiments at Large Scale (Short Talk)
Authors: Ron Kohavi, Microsoft; Alex Deng, Microsoft; Brian Frasca, Microsoft; Toby Walker, Microsoft; Ya Xu, Microsoft; Nils Pohlmann, Microsoft

Industry Government Session 4: Social Good

Eric & Wendy Schmidt Data Science for Social Good Summer Fellowship ( : Overview and Fellow Presentations

Tuesday 10:30-12pm
Industry Government Session 5: Social & Communities

756 Using Co-visitation Networks For Classifying Non-Intentional Traffic
Authors: Ori Stitelman, M6d; Claudia Perlich, M6D; Brian Dalessandro, m6d; Rod Hook, m6d; Troy Raeder, Media6Degrees; Foster Provost, NYU
1279 Dynamic Memory Allocation Policies for Postings in Real-Time Twitter Search
Authors: Nima Asadi, Jimmy Lin*, University of Maryland; Michael Busch
247 Mining for Geographically Disperse Communities in Social Networks by Leveraging Distance Modularity
Authors: Paulo Shakarian, US Military Academy; Patrick Roos; Devon Callahan; Cory Kirk
930 Experience from Hosting a Corporate Prediction Market: Benefits beyond the Forecasts
Authors: Thomas Montgomery, Ford Motor Company; Paul Stieg, Ford Motor Company; Michael Cavaretta, Ford Motor Company; Paul Moraal, Ford Motor Company

Tuesday 3:00-4:30pm
Industry Government Session 6: Monitoring

547 Heat Pump Detection from Coarse Grained Smart Meter Data with Positive and Unlabeled Learning
Authors: Hongliang Fei*, IBM T.J. Watson Research; Younghun Kim, IBM Research; Sambit Sahu, IBM Research; Millind Naphade, IBM Research
242 Analysis of Advanced Meter Infrastructure Data of Water Consumption in Apartment Buildings
Authors: Einat Kermany, IBM; Hagai Michaelis, Arad Technologies; Dorit Baras, IBM; Hanna Mazzawi, IBM; Yehuda Naveh, IBM
590 A data mining driven risk profiling method for road asset management
Authors: Daniel Emerson, Queensland University of Technology; Richi Nayak, Queensland University of Technology; Justin Weligamage, Road asset management consultant
190 Improving Quality Control by Early Prediction of Manufacturing Outcomes
Authors: Sholom Weiss, IBM Research; Amit Dhurandhar, IBM TJ Watson; Robert Baseman, IBM Research
51 U-Air: When Urban Air Quality Inference Meets Big Data (Short Talk)
Authors: Yu Zheng, Microsoft; Furui Liu, Microsoft Research Asia; Hsun-Ping Hsieh, Microsoft Research Asia

Tuesday 5:00-6:30pm
Industry Government Session 7: Security & Privacy

769 An Integrated Framework for Optimizing Automatic Monitoring Systems in Large IT Infrastructures
Authors: Liang Tang, Florida International Univ; Tao Li, Florida International University; Larisa Shwartz, IBM Research; Florian Pinel, IBM Research; Genady Grabarnik, St. John’s University
960 Detecting Insider Threats in a Real Corporate Database of Computer Usage Activities
Authors: Ted Senator, SAIC
Henry Goldberg, SAIC
Alex Memory,
William Young, SAIC
Bradley Rees,
Robert Pierce, SAIC
Daniel Huang, SAIC
Matthew Reardon, SAIC
David Bader, Ga Tech
Edmond Chow, Ga Tech
Irfan Essa, Georgia Institute of Technology
Joshua Jones, Ga Tech
Vinay Bettadapura, Georgia Institute of Technology
Duen Horng Chau, Georgia Institute of Technology
Oded Green, Ga Tech
Oguz Kaya, Ga Tech
Anita Zakrzewska, Ga Tech
Erica Briscoe, GTRI
Rudolph Mappus IV, GTRI
Robert McColl, GTRI
Lora Weiss, GTRI
Thomas Dietterich, Oregon State University
Alan Fern, Oregon State University
Weng-Keen Wong, Oregon State University
Shubhomoy Das, Oregon State University
Andrew Emmott, Oregon State University
Jed Irvine, Oregon State University
Jay-Yoon Lee, CMU
Danai Koutra, Carnegie Mellon University
Christos Faloutsos, CMU
Daniel Corkill, University of Massachusetts
Lisa Friedland, University of Massachusetts
Amanda Gentzel, University of Massachusetts
David Jensen, Univ of Massachusetts Amherst
825 Efficiently Rewriting Large Multimedia Application Execution Traces with few Event Sequences
Authors: Christiane Kamdem Kengne, UJF/LIG; Leon Constantin Fopa; alexandre Termier; Noha Ibrahim; Marie-Christine Rousset;Takashi Washio, Osaka University
;Miguel Santana
1128 Discriminant Malware Distance Learning on Structural Information for Automated Malware Classification
Authors: Deguang Kong, University of Texas at Arlington; Guanhua Yan, Los Alamos National Laboratory
702 A Privacy Preserving Framework for Managing Vehicle Data in Road Pricing Systems (Short Talk)
Authors: Huayu Wu, Institute for Infocomm Research; Wee Siong Ng, Institute for Infocomm Research; Kian-Lee Tan, National University of Singapore; Wei Wu , Institute for Infocomm Research; Shili Xiang, Institute for Infocomm Research; Mingqiang Xue, Institute for Infocomm Research

Wednesday 10:30-12pm
Industry Government Session 8: Advertising and Search

483 Palette Power: Enabling Visual Search through Colors
Authors: Anurag Bhardwaj, eBay Research Labs; Atish Das Sarma, EBay Research Lab; Wei Di, EBay Research Labs; Raffay Hamid, eBay Research Labs; Robinson Piramuthu, eBay Research Labs; Neel Sundaresan, eBay Research
416 A Unified Search Federation System Based on Online User Feedback
Authors: Jie Luo, Yahoo! Labs; Sudarshan Lamkhede, Yahoo! Labs
Rochit Sapra; Evans Hsu, Yahoo!; Helen Song, Yahoo!; Yi Chang, Yahoo Labs
760 Scalable Supervised Dimensionality Reduction Using Clustering
Authors: Troy Raeder, Media6Degrees; Claudia Perlich, M6D; Brian Dalessandro, M6D;
Ori Stitelman, M6D; Foster Provost, NYU Stern School of Business
473 Ad Click Prediction: a View from the Trenches
Authors: H. Brendan McMahan;l Gary Holt, Google, Inc.; D Sculley, Google
546 Why People Hate Your App — Making Sense of User Feedback in a Mobile App Store (Short Talk)
Authors: Bin Fu, Carnegie Mellon University; Jialiu Lin, Carnegie Mellon University; Lei Li, UC Berkeley; Christos Faloutsos, CMU; Jason Hong, Carnegie Mellon University; Norman Sadeh-Koniecpol, Carnegie Mellon University