MONDAY- Aug 12th

Title: JobMiner: a Real-time System for Mining Job-related Pattern from Social Media
Authors: Yu Cheng; Yusheng Xie; Zhengzhang Chen; Songtao Guo

Title: Risk-O-Meter: An Intelligent Clinical Risk Calculator
Authors: Kiyana Zolfaghar; Jayshree Agarwal; Deepthi Sistla; Si-Chi Chin; Senjuti Basu Roy; Nele Verbiest; Ankur Teredesai; David Hazel; Paul Amoroso; Lester Reed


Title: EventCube: Multi-Dimensional Search and Mining of Structured and Text Data
Authors: Fangbo Tao; Jiawei Han.

Title: A Tool for Collecting Provenance Data in Social Media
Authors: Pritam Gundecha; Suhas Ranganath; Zhuo Feng; Huan Liu.


Title: SAE: Social Analytic Engine for Dynamic Networks
Authors: Yang Yang; Jianfei Wang; Jing Zhang; Honglei Zhuang; Jie Tang

Title: KeySee: Supporting Keyword Search on Evolving Events in Social Streams
Authors: Pei Lee; Laks V.S. Lakshmanan; Evangelos Milios


Title: STED: Semi-Supervised Targeted-Interest Event Detection in Twitters
Authors: Ting Hua; Feng Chen; Liang Zhao; Chang-Tien Lu; Naren Ramakrishnan

Title: LAICOS: An Open Source Platform for Personalized Social Web Search
Authors: Mohamed Reda Bouadjenek; Hakim Hacid; Mokrane Bouzeghoub

TUESDAY- Aug 13th

Title: SEA: A System for Event Analysis on Chinese Tweets
Authors: Yaqiong Wang; Hongfu Liu; Junjie Wu

Title: Real-Time Disease Surveillance using Twitter Data: Demonstration on Flu and Cancer
Authors: Kathy Lee; Ankit Agrawal; Alok Choudhary


Title: Understanding Twitter Data with TweetXplorer
Authors: Fred Morstatter; Shamanth Kumar; Huan Liu; Ross Maciejewski

Title: Whom to Ask? A Framework of Crowd-Selection on Twitter
Authors: Zhou Zhao; Da Yan; Wilfred Ng; Shi Gao


Title: AMETHYST: A System for Mining and Exploring Topical Hierarchies in Information Networks
Authors: Marina Danilevsky; Chi Wang; Fangbo Tao; Son Nguyen; Gong Chen; Nihit Desai; Jiawei Han.

Title: Forex-foreteller: A News Based Currency Predictor
Authors: Fang Jin; Nathan Self; Parang Saraf; Patrick Butler; Wei Wang; Naren Ramakrishnan


Title: FIU-Miner: A Fast, Integrated, and User-Friendly System for Data Mining in Distributed Environment
Authors: Chunqiu Zeng; Yexi Jiang; Li Zheng; Jingxuan Li; Lei Li; Hongtai Li; Chao Shen; Wubai Zhou; Tao Li; Bing Duan; Ming Lei; Pengnian Wang

Title: When TEDDY meets GrizzLY: Temporal Dependency Discovery for Triggering Road Deicing Operations
Authors: Celine Robardet; Marian Scuturici; Marc Plantevit; Antoine Fraboulet


Title: An online system with end-user services: mining novelty concepts from TV broadcast subtitles
Authors: Mika Rautiainen; Jouni Sarvanko; Arto Heikkinen; Mika Ylianttila; Vassilis Kostakos

Title: Inferring Distant-Time Location in Low-Sampling-Rate Trajectories
Authors: Meng-Fen Chiang; Yung-Hsiang Lin; Wen-Chih Peng


Title: LaFT-Explorer: Inferring, Visualizing and Predicting How Your Social Network Expands
Authors: Jun Zhang; Chaokun Wang; Yuanchi Ning; Yichi Liu; Jianmin Wang; Philip Yu