Applied Data Science Invited Speakers

The Applied Data Science Invited Talks will provide a venue for leading experts in the world of applied data mining and knowledge discovery. These invited talks will feature highly influential speakers who have directly contributed to successful data mining applications in their respective fields. The talks and discussions will focus on innovative and leading-edge, large-scale industry or government applications of data mining in areas such as finance, health-care, bio-informatics, public policy, infrastructure, telecommunications, social media and computational advertising.

Keynote: Sreenivas Gollapudi

Sreenivas Gollapudi

Google Research

Welfare Maximization in Online Two-sided Marketplaces

Recent years have witnessed the rise of many successful e-commerce marketplace platforms like AirBnB, Uber/Lyft, and Upwork, where a central platform mediates economic transactions between buyers and sellers. Some common features that distinguish such marketplaces from more traditional marketplaces are search and discovery of the service providers which could result in asymmetric matching of services; sharing of a service by multiple users such as ride-sharing; and handling different preferences such as patience, desired level of service expressed by participating agents. In this talk, I will summarize our work on different welfare maximizing strategies arising out of the aforementioned scenarios.

Sreenivas Gollapudi is a Research Scientist at Google AI. He leads a team bringing algorithms and machine learning together to build better geo products in Google. Earlier, as a Researcher at Microsoft Research, he worked on a wide-ranging areas spanning web search and online monetization, social network analysis, and e-commerce. His research interests are in data mining, algorithms, and game theory. He published over 60 papers in several conferences like STOC, SIGIR, KDD, WWW, and ICML. He also serves on the review committees for these conferences.

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