Accepted Papers

Three-Dimensional Stable Matching Problem for Spatial Crowdsourcing Platforms

Boyang Li (Northeastern University);Yurong Cheng (Beijing Institute of Technology);Ye Yuan (Northeastern University);Guoren Wang (Beijing Institute of Technology);Lei Chen (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology);

The popularity of mobile Internet techniques and Online-To-Offline(O2O) business models has led to the emergence of various spatial crowdsourcing (SC) platforms in our daily life. A core issue of SC platforms is to assign tasks to suitable crowd workers. Existing approaches usually focus on the matching of two types of objects,tasks and workers, and let workers to travel to the location of usersto provide services, which is a 2D matching problem. However, recent services provided by some new platforms, such as person-alized haircut service1and station ride-sharing, need users andworkers travel together to a third workplace to complete the service, which is indeed a 3D matching problem. Approaches in the existingstudies either cannot solve such 3D matching problem, or lack aassignment plan satisfying both users’ and workers’ preference inreal applications. Thus, in this paper, we propose a 3-Dimensional Stable Spatial Matching(3D-SSM) for the 3D matching problem innew SC services. We prove that the 3D-SSM problem is NP-hard, and propose two baseline algorithms and two efficient approximatealgorithms with bounded approximate ratios to solve it. Finally, weconduct extensive experiment studies which verify the efficiencyand effectiveness of the proposed algorithms on real and synthetic datasets.


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