Accepted Papers

The Impact of Person-Organization Fit on Talent Management: A Structure-Aware Convolutional Neural Network Approach

Ying Sun (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences);Fuzhen Zhuang (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences);Hengshu Zhu (Baidu);Xin Song (Baidu);Qing He (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences);Hui Xiong (Baidu);

Person-Organization fit (P-O fit) refers to the compatibility between employees and their organizations. The study of P-O fit is important for enhancing proactive talent management. While considerable efforts have been made in this direction, it still lacks a quantitative and holistic way for measuring P-O fit and its impact on talent management. To this end, in this paper, we propose a novel data-driven neural network approach for dynamically modeling the compatibility in P-O fit and its meaningful relationships with two critical issues in talent management, namely talent turnover and job performance. Specifically, inspired by the practical management scenarios, we first creatively design an Organizational Structure-aware Convolutional Neural Network (OSCN) for hierarchically extracting organization-aware compatibility features for measuring P-O fit. Then, to capture the dynamic nature of P-O fit and its consequent impact, we further exploit an adapted Recurrent Neural Network with attention mechanism to model the temporal information of P-O fit. Finally, we compare our approach with a number of state-of-the-art baseline methods on real-world talent data. Experimental results clearly demonstrate the effectiveness in terms of turnover prediction and job performance prediction. Moreover, we also show some interesting indicators of talent management through the visualization of network layers.


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