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Real-time On-Device Troubleshooting Recommendation for Smartphones

Keiichi Ochiai, Kohei Senkawa, Naoki Yamamoto, Yuya Tanaka and Yusuke Fukazawa

Billions of people are using smartphones everyday and they often face problems and troubles with both the hardware as well as the software. Such problems lead to frustrated users and low customer satisfaction. Developing an automatic machine learning-based solution that would detect that the user has a problem and would engage in troubleshooting has the potential to significantly improve customer satisfaction and retention. Here, we design and implement a system that based on the user’s smartphone activity detects that the user has a problem and requires help. Our system automatically detects a user has a problem and then helps with the troubleshooting by recommending possible solutions to the identified problem. We train our system based on large-scale customer support center data and show that it can both detect that a user has a problem as well as predict the category of the problem (89.7% accuracy) and quickly provide a solution (in 10.4ms). Our system has been deployed in commercial service since January, 2019. Online evaluation result showed that machine learning based approach outperforms the existing method by approximately 30% regarding the user problem solving rate.


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