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Predicting Different Types of Conversions with Multi-Task Learning in Online Advertising

Junwei Pan, Yizhi Mao, Alfonso Lobos Ruiz, Yu Sun and Aaron Flores

Conversion prediction plays an important role in online advertis- ing since Cost-Per-Action (CPA) has become one of the primary campaign performance objectives in the industry. Unlike click pre- diction, conversions have different types in nature, and each type may be associated with different decisive factors. In this paper, we formulate conversion prediction as a multi-task learning problem, so that the prediction models for different types of conversions can be learned together. These models share feature representa- tions, but have their specific parameters, providing the benefit of information-sharing across all tasks. We then propose Multi-Task Field-weighted Factorization Machine (MT-FwFM) to solve these tasks jointly. Our experiment results show that, compared with two state-of-the-art models, MT-FwFM improve the AUC by 0.74% and 0.84% on two types of conversions, and the weighted AUC across all conversion types is also improved by 0.50%.


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