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MVAN: Multi-view Attention Networks for Real Money Trading Detection in Online Games

Jianrong Tao, Jianshi Lin, Shize Zhang, Sha Zhao, Runze Wu, Changjie Fan and Peng Cui

Online gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry that entertains a large, global population. However, one unfortunate phenomenon known as real money trading harms the competition and the fun. Real money trading is an interesting economic activity used to exchange assets in a virtual world with real world currencies, leading to imbalance of game economy and inequality of wealth and opportunity. Game operation teams have been devoting much efforts on real money trading detection, however, it still remains a challenging task. To overcome the limitation from traditional methods conducted by game operation teams, we propose, MVAN, the first multi-view attention networks for detecting real money trading with multi-view data sources. We present a multi-graph attention network (MGAT) in the graph structure view, a behavior attention network (BAN) in the vertex content view, a portrait attention network (PAN) in the vertex attribute view and a data source attention network (DSAN) in the data source view. Experiments conducted on real-world game logs from a commercial NetEase MMORPG( JusticePC) show that our method consistently performs promising results compared with other competitive methods over time and verifiy the importance and rationality of attention mechanisms. MVAN is deployed to several MMORPGs in NetEase in practice and achieving remarkable performance improvement and acceleration. Our method can easily generalize to other types of related tasks in real world, such as fraud detection, drug tracking and money laundering tracking etc.


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