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Metapath-guided Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network for Intent Recommendation

Shaohua Fan, Junxiong Zhu, Xiaotian Han, Chuan Shi, Linmei Hu, Biyu Ma and Yongliang Li

With the prevalence of mobile e-commerce nowadays, a new type of recommendation services, called intent recommendation, is widely used in many mobile e-commerce Apps, such as Taobao and Amazon. Different from traditional query recommendation and item recommendation, intent recommendation is to automatically recommend user intent according to user historical behaviors without any input when users open the App. Intent recommendation becomes very popular in the past two years, because of revealing user latent intents and avoiding tedious input in mobile phones. Existing methods used in industry usually need laboring feature engineering. Moreover, they only utilize attribute and statistic information of users and queries, and fail to take full advantage of rich interaction information in intent recommendation, which may result in limited performances. In this paper, we propose to model the complex objects and rich interactions in intent recommendation as a Heterogeneous Information Network. Furthermore, we present a novel M etapath-guided E mbedding method for I ntent Rec ommendation~(called MEIRec). In order to fully utilize rich structural information, we design a metapath-guided heterogeneous Graph Neural Network to learn the embeddings of objects in intent recommendation. In addition, in order to alleviate huge learning parameters in embeddings, we propose a uniform term embedding mechanism, in which embeddings of objects are made up with the same term embedding space. Offline experiments on real large-scale data show the superior performance of the proposed MEIRec, compared to representative methods.Moreover, the results of online experiments on Taobao e-commerce platform show that MEIRec not only gains a performance improvement of 1.54% on CTR metric, but also attracts up to 2.66% of new users to search queries.


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