Accepted Papers

Learning Sleep Quality from Daily Logs

Sungkyu Park, Cheng-Te Li, Sungwon Han, Cheng Hsu, Sang Won Lee and Meeyoung Cha

Precision psychiatry is a new research field that uses advanced data mining over a wide range of neural, behavioral, psychological, and physiological data sources for classification of mental health conditions. This study presents a computational framework for predicting sleep efficiency of insomnia sufferers. A smart band experiment is conducted to collect heterogeneous data, including sleep records, daily activities, and demographics, whose missing values are imputed via Improved Generative Adversarial Imputation Networks (Imp-GAIN). Equipped with the imputed data, we predict sleep efficiency of individual users with a proposed interpretable LSTM-Attention (LA Block) neural network model. We also propose a model, Pairwise Learning-based Ranking Generation (PLRG), to rank users with high insomnia potential in the next day. We discuss implications of our findings from the perspective of a psychiatric practitioner. Our computational framework can be used for other applications that analyze and handle noisy and incomplete time-series human activity data in the domain of precision psychiatry.


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