Accepted Papers

Investment Behaviors Can Tell What Inside: Exploring Stock Intrinsic Properties for Stock Trend Prediction

Chi Chen, Li Zhao, Jiang Bian, Chunxiao Xing and Tie-Yan Liu

Stock trend prediction, aiming at predicting future price trend of stocks, plays a key role in seeking maximized profit from the stock investment. Recent years have witnessed increasing efforts in applying machine learning techniques, especially deep learning, to pursue more promising stock prediction. While deep learning has given rise to significant improvement, human investors still retain the leading position due to their understanding on stock intrinsic properties, which can imply invaluable principles for stock prediction. In this paper, we propose to extract and explore stock intrinsic properties to enhance stock trend prediction. Fortunately, we discover that the repositories of investment behaviors within mutual fund portfolio data form up a gold mine to extract latent representations of stock properties, since such collective investment behaviors can reflect the professional fund managers’ common beliefs on stock intrinsic properties. Powered by extracted stock properties, we further propose to model the dynamic market state and trend using stock representations so as to generate the dynamic correlation between the stock and the market, and then we aggregate such correlation with dynamic stock indicators to achieve more accurate stock prediction. Extensive experiments on real-world stock market data demonstrate the effectiveness of stock properties extracted from collective investment behaviors in the task of stock prediction.


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