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Buying or Browsing? : Predicting Real-time Purchasing Intent using Attention-based Deep Network with Multiple Behavior

Long Guo, Lifeng Hua, Rongfei Jia, Binqiang Zhao, Xiaobo Wang and Bin Cui

E-commerce platforms are becoming a primary place for people to find, compare and ultimately purchase products. One of the fundamental questions that arises in e-commerce is to predict user purchasing intent, which is an important part of user understanding and allows for providing better services for both sellers and customers. However, previous work cannot predict real-time user purchasing intent with a high accuracy, limited by the representation capability of traditional browse-interactive behavior adopted. In this paper, we propose a novel end-to-end deep network, named Deep Intent Prediction Network (DIPN), to predict real-time user purchasing intent. In particular, besides the traditional browse-interactive behavior, we collect a new type of user interactive behavior, called touch-interactive behavior, which can capture more fine-grained real-time user features. To combine these behavior effectively, we propose a hierarchical attention mechanism, where the bottom attention layer focuses on the inner parts of each behavior sequence while the top attention layer learns the inter-view relations between different behavior sequences. In addition, we propose to train DIPN with multi-task learning to better distinguish user behavior patterns. In the experiments conducted on a large-scale industrial dataset, DIPN significantly outperforms the baseline solutions. Notably, DIPN gains about 18.96% improvement on AUC than the state-of-the-art solution only using traditional browse-interactive behavior sequences. Moreover, DIPN has been deployed in the operational system of Taobao. Online A/B testing results with more than 12.9 millions of users reveal the potential of knowing users’ real-time purchasing intent.


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