Accepted Papers

AutoNRL: Hyperparameter Optimization for Massive Network Representation Learning

Ke Tu (Tsinghua University);Jianxin Ma (Tsinghua University);Peng Cui (Tsinghua University);Jian Pei (;Wenwu Zhu (Tsinghua University);

Network embedding (NE) aims to embed the nodes of a network into a vector space, and serves as the bridge between machine learning and network data. Despite their widespread success, NE algorithms typically contain a large number of hyperparameters for preserving the various network properties, which must be carefully tuned in order to achieve satisfactory performance. Though automated machine learning (AutoML) has achieved promising results when applied to many types of data such as images and texts, network data poses great challenges to AutoML and remains largely ignored by the literature of AutoML. The biggest obstacle is the massive scale of real-world networks, along with the coupled node relationships that make any straightforward sampling strategy problematic. In this paper, we propose a novel framework, named AutoNE, to automatically optimize the hyperparameters of a NE algorithm on massive networks. In detail, we employ a multi-start random walk strategy to sample several small sub-networks, perform each trial of configuration selection on the sampled sub-network, and design a meta-leaner to transfer the knowledge about optimal hyperparameters from the sub-networks to the original massive network. The transferred meta-knowledge greatly reduces the number of trials required when predicting the optimal hyperparameters for the original network. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our framework can significantly outperform the existing methods, in that it needs less time and fewer trials to find the optimal hyperparameters.


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