Accepted Papers

An Visual Dialog Augmented Interactive Recommender System

Tong Yu (Samsung Electronics);Yilin Shen (Samsung Electronics);Hongxia Jin (Samsung Electronics);

Traditional recommender systems rely on user feedback such as ratings or clicks to the items, to analyze the user interest and provide personalized recommendations. However, rating or click feedback are limited in that they do not exactly tell why users like or dislike an item. If a user does not like the recommendations and can not effectively express the reasons via rating and clicking, the feedback from the user may be very sparse. These limitations lead to inefficient model learning of the recommender system. To address these limitations, more effective user feedback to the recommendations should be designed, so that the system can effectively understand a user’s preference and improve the recommendations over time. In this paper, we propose a novel dialog-based recommender system to interactively recommend a list of items with visual appearance. At each time, the user receives a list of recommended items with visual appearance. The user can point to some items and describe their feedback, such as the desired features in the items they want in natural language. With this natural language based feedback, the recommender system updates and provides another list of items. To model the user behaviors of viewing, commenting and clicking on a list of items, we propose a visual dialog augmented cascade model. To efficiently understand the user preference and learn the model, exploration should be encouraged to provide more diverse recommendations to quickly collect user feedback on more attributes of the items. We propose a variant of the cascading bandits, where the neural representations of the item images and user feedback in natural language are utilized. In a task of recommending a list of footwear, we show that our visual dialog augmented interactive recommender needs around 41.03% rounds of recommendations, compared to the traditional interactive recommender only relying on the user click behavior.


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