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AKUPM: Attention-Enhanced Knowledge-Aware User Preference Model for Recommendation

Xiaoli Tang, Tengyun Wang, Haizhi Yang and Hengjie Song

Recently, much attention has been paid to the usage of knowledge graph within the context of recommender systems to alleviate the data sparsity and cold-start problems. However, when incorporating entities from a knowledge graph to represent users, most existing works are unaware of the relationships between these entities and users. As a result, the recommendation results may suffer a lot from some unrelated entities.

In this paper, we investigate how to explore these relationships which are essentially determined by the interactions among entities. Firstly, we categorize the interactions among entities into two types: inter-entity-interaction and intra-entity-interaction. Inter-entity-interaction is the interactions among entities that affect their importances to represent users. And intra-entity-interaction is the interactions within an entity that describe the different characteristics of this entity when involved in different relations.

Then, considering these two types of interactions, we propose a novel model named Attention-enhanced Knowledge-aware User Preference Model (AKUPM) for click-through rate (CTR) prediction. More specifically, a self-attention network is utilized to capture the inter-entity-interaction by learning appropriate importance of each entity w.r.t the user. Moreover, the intra-entity-interaction is modeled by projecting each entity into its connected relation spaces to obtain the suitable characteristics. By doing so, AKUPM is able to figure out the most related part of incorporated entities (i.e., filter out the unrelated entities). Extensive experiments on two real-world public datasets demonstrate that AKUPM achieves substantial gains in terms of common evaluation metrics (e.g., AUC, ACC and [email protected]) over several state-of-the-art baselines.


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