Announcing the KDD 2019 Audience Appreciation Award

The authors of every accepted paper at KDD 2019 were expected to provide an explanatory video of their work. These videos were uploaded to YouTube and shared widely by KDD organizers, authors, and conference participants. Just before the start of the conference, the videos were ranked by page views. Conference organizers then assessed the videos with the highest page view counts and awarded the Audience Choice Award. The winners for KDD 2019 are as follows:

Overall Winner

Temporal Probabilistic Profiles for Sepsis Prediction in the ICU

Authors: Eitam Sheetrit, Nir Nissim, Denis Klimov and Yuval Shahar

Honorable Mention

Anomaly Detection for an E-commerce Pricing System

Authors: Jagdish Ramakrishnan, Elham Shaabani, Chao Li and Mátyás Sustik

Honorable Mention

Precipitation nowcasting with satellite imagery

Authors: Vadim Lebedev, Vladimir Ivashkin, Irina Rudenko, Alexander Ganshin, Ivan Bushmarinov, Alexander Molchanov, Sergey Ovcharenko, Ruslan Grokhovetskiy and Dmitry Solomentsev

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