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KDD 2011 Industry Practice Expo (New in 2011)
Industry Practice Expo is a new track at the KDD conference that will comprise of technical invited talks and panel discussions / debates by leading experts in the world of applied data mining and knowledge discovery. The expo will feature highly influential speakers who have directly contributed to successful data mining applications in their respective fields. The talks and discussions will focus on innovative and leading-edge, large-scale industry or government applications of data mining in areas such as finance, health-care, bio-informatics, public policy, infrastructure (transportation, utilities, etc.), telecommunications, social media, and computational advertising.

The objective of the Industry Practice Expo track is to bring together leading industry and government practitioners to share their insights and experiences will inspire the KDD community and spread awareness of the variety of seminal, innovative, and proven applications of data mining and knowledge discovery in the industry and government. This new track will complement the already established Industry and Government track at KDD that focuses on peer reviewed publications.

Presentation slides are available here


The Practitioner’s Viewpoint to Data Mining - Key Lessons Learned in the Trenches and Case Studies
Richard Boire - Co-founder, Boire Filler Group
Real-Time Risk Control System for CNP (Card Not Present)
Tai Hsu - Principal Scientist, Alibaba Group
Accelerating Large-Scale Data Mining using In-Database Analytics
Mario Inchiosa - Chief Scientist, Netezza (now IBM) &
Michele Chambers - General Manager & VP Analytic Solutions

Operational Security Analytics - Doing More with Less
Colleen McCue - Senior Director, Social Science and Quantitative Metohds, GeoEye Analytics
The Power of Analysis and Data
David Norton - Chief Marketing Officer, Caesars Entertainment
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in Pharmaceutical Cancer Research
Paul Rejto - Director of Oncology Research, Pfizer Labs
Broad Scale Predictive Modeling and Marketing Optimization in Retail Sales
Dan Steinberg - President and Founder, Salford Systems
Felipe Fernandez Martinez - CEO Interefe

Applications of Data Mining and Machine Learning in Online Customer Care
Ravi Vijayaraghavan - Vice President and Global Head - Analytics| Innovation Labs, 24/7 Customer
P V Kannan - CEO, 24/7 Customer

Which Half is Wasted?": Controlled Experiments to Measure Online-Advertising Effectiveness
David Reiley, Yahoo! Research
Thriving as a Data Miner in the Real World
John Elder, PhD, Founder Elder Research, Inc.
Analytics for Political Campaigns
Rayid Ghani, Chief Scientist, Obama for America


  • Ying Li, Microsoft
  • Rajesh Parekh, Groupon

Advisory Committee:

  • Chid Apte, IBM
  • John Elder, Elder Research
  • Usama Fayyad, OpenInsights
  • Brendan Kitts, Lucid Commerce
  • Gabor Melli, Simon Fraser University
  • Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, KDNuggets
  • Bharat Rao, Siemens
  • Ted Senator, SAIC
  • Ashok Srivastava, NASA
  • Ramasamy Uthurusamy, GM

For more information please contact the Industry Practice Expo co-chairs - Ying Li and Rajesh Parekh - at industrial_practice@kdd2011.com

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