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KDD-2011 Program Highlights

Invited Talks
  • Stephen Boyd, Stanford, “Convex Optimization: from Embedded Real-Time to Large-Scale Distributed”
  • Peter Norvig, Google, “Internet Scale Data Analysis”
  • David Haussler, UC Santa Cruz, “Cancer Genomics”
  • Judea Pearl, UCLA, “The Mathematics of Causal Inference”
Research and Industry/Government Tracks
  • 126 research track papers
  • 26 industry/government track papers
  • Panel: “Lessons learned from contests in data mining”
Industry Practice Expo
  • Brand new KDD track
  • 10 invited talks from distinguished industry experts
  • Data Mining Problems in Internet Ad Systems
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Modeling with Hadoop
  • Finding Bias, and Making Do With Data That Have It
  • Scaling Up Machine Learning: Parallel and Distributed Approaches
  • Probabilistic Topic Models
  • KDD Cup Workshop 2011
  • 5th International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data (SensorKDD 2011)
  • Visual Analytics and Information Fusion
  • The Fifth International Workshop on Social Network Mining and Analysis (SNAKDD 2011)
  • Mining and Learning with Graphs
  • Knowledge Discovery in Educational Data
  • Knowledge Discovery, Modeling and Simulation
  • Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML)
  • Mining Data Semantics (MDS2011)
  • 10th International Workshop on Data Mining in Bioinformatics (BIOKDD 2011)
  • Data Mining Applications in Sustainability
  • The Eleventh International Workshop on Multimedia Data Mining (MDMKDD 2011)
  • KDD4Service: Data Mining for Service and Maintenance
  • Data Mining for Medicine and Healthcare
  • The Third Workshop on Large-scale Data Mining: Theory and Applications
  • The Fifth International Workshop on Data Mining and Audience Intelligence for Online Advertising

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