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Wednesday, 8AM - 6PM Manchester ABC

Apolo: Interactive Large Graph Sense making by Combining Machine Learning and Visualization Duen Horng "Polo" Chau; Aniket Kittur; Jason I. Hong; Christos Faloutsos Carnegie Mellon University
Video Analytics Solution for Tracking Customer Locations in Retail Shopping Malls Harikrishna G.N. Rai;Kishore Jonna;P.Radha Krishna Infosys Technologies Ltd
LikeMiner: A System for Mining the Power of "Like" in Social Media Networks Xin Jin; Chi Wang; Jiebo Luo; Xiao Yu; Jiawei Han University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Article Clipper- A System for Web Article Extraction Jian Fan ; Ping Luo; Suk Hwan Lim; Sam Liu; Parag Joshi; Jerry Liu HP Labs
SIGKDD Demo: Sensors and Software to allow Computational Entomology, an Emerging Application of Data Mining Gustavo Batista; Eamonn Keogh;Agenor Mafra Neto;Edgar Rowton University of California Riverside
A Taxi Business Intelligence System Yong Ge; Chuanren Liu; Hui Xiong Rutgers Business School, Rutgers University
KDD-2011 Demonstration Data Intensive Analysis on the Gordon High Performance Data and Compute System Robert S. Sinkovits; Shawn Strande; Natasha Balac; Mahidhar Tatineni; Paul Rodriguez; Nicole Wolter; Pietro Cicotti; Tamara B. Sipes; Homakar Karimabadi San Diego Supercomputer Center
Social Flocks: A Crowd Simulation Framework for Social Network Generation, Community Detection, and Collective Behavior Modeling Cheng-Te Li; Shou-De Lin National Taiwan University
Topic-level Influence Analysis in Heterogeneous Networks Jie Tang; Bo Gao; Sen Wu Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University
MIME: A Framework for Interactive Visual Pattern MiningBart Goethals; Sandy Moens; Jilles Vreeken University of Antwerp
Frontex Real-time News Event Extraction FrameworkMartin Atkinson;Jakub PiskorskiJoint Research Centre
Call for Demonstrations (Closed)
The annual ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining is the leading forum for data mining researchers and practitioners to explore cutting-edge ideas and results, and exchange techniques, tools, and experiences.

During the conference there will be a demonstration session collocated with the poster session. This demonstration session is designed to allow researchers and practitioners to describe the design, development and functionality of their data mining software systems and libraries in an interactive setting.

The committee encourages the submission of software demonstrations that focus on new technology and early prototypes, but will also interested in submissions based on mature systems with experimental features. Note that the marketing of products must be arranged as part of the exhibit program rather than a demonstration.

To participate please email a short proposal to the KDD 2011 Demonstrations Chairs, Natasha Balac and Hui Xiong, at exhibitsanddemos@kdd2011.com by April 8th, 2011.

Your proposal must describe how the demonstrated system illustrates contributions to the field. It must also include technical specification, references to other literature, and optionally include a URL to screenshots or an online version. Proposals must be no more than four pages long and be in PDF or Word format.

The selection criteria for the demonstration proposals evaluation include: the novelty, the technical advances and challenges, and the overall practical attractiveness of the demonstrated system.

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