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2007 SIGKDD Service Award: Dr. Robert Grossman

2007 SIGKDD Service Award: Dr. Robert Grossman: 2007 SIGKDD Service Award Winner

Robert Grossman is recognized for his key role in the development of open and scalable architectures and standards for the SIGKDD and Global KDD Communities. Grossman was one of the Founders of the Data Mining Group in 1998, which develops the Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML). He has been its Chair since it was started; and, during this time, it has released nine versions of PMML.  Grossman has a long history of serving the KDD community. He was the Industrial Track Co-Chair for KDD 2006, the General Chair of KDD 2005, the Sponsorship Chair for KDD 2000 and 2001, and the co-chair of the First and Second SIAM International Conferences on Data Mining.

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2007 SIGKDD Innovation Award: Dr. Usama M. Fayyad

2007 SIGKDD Innovation Award: Dr. Usama M. Fayyad: 2007 SIGKDD Innovation Award n/a

Fayyad is recognized for his seminal work on the development data mining, machine learning algorithms and their scalability to massive database systems, and fundamental applications of data mining in scientific discovery and commercial database systems. His contributions span fundamental technical innovation and significant large-scale applications of the technology in science data analysis, commercial practice, and commercial database systems.

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