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2005 SIGKDD Service Award: The WEKA Team

2005 SIGKDD Service Award: The WEKA Team: 2005 SIGKDD Service Award Winner

Weka is a landmark system in the history of the data mining and machine learning research communities, because it is the only toolkit that has gained such widespread adoption and survived for an extended period of time. The Weka team includes Ian H. Witten and Eibe Frank, and the following major contributors: Remco R. Bouckaert, John G. Cleary, Sally Jo Cunningham, Andrew Donkin, Dale Fletcher, Steve Garner, Mark A. Hall, Geoffrey Holmes, Matt Humphrey, Lyn Hunt, Stuart Inglis, Ashraf M. Kibriya, Richard Kirkby, Brent Martin, Bob McQueen, Craig G. Nevill-Manning, Bernhard Pfahringer, Peter Reutemann, Gabi Schmidberger, Lloyd A. Smith, Tony C. Smith, Kai Ming Ting, Leonard E. Trigg, Yong Wang, Malcolm Ware, and Xin Xu.

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2005 SIGKDD Innovation Award: Dr. Leo Breiman

2005 SIGKDD Innovation Award: Dr. Leo Breiman: 2005 SIGKDD Innovation Award Winner

Dr. Leo Breiman is widely considered one of the founding fathers of modern machine learning and data mining. He has been actively contributing to these fields, as well as to statistics, for more than 30 years. His best known contribution is his landmark work on decision trees.

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