Special Days at KDD 2020

Earth Day at KDD

Earth is home to all of us. However, our beloved planet and civilization is facing major challenges from climate change and environmental degradation. The Earth Day at 2020 SIGKDD will include three broad activities - a plenary session consisting of invited talks and panel-discussions, workshops, and tutorials.

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Earth Day at KDD 2020
Deep Learning Day at KDD 2020

Deep Learning Day

For the third time at KDD, we are organizing a full Deep Learning Day as a key event, specifically dedicated to the field. The goal will be to provide a clear, wide overview of recent developments in deep learning. More information is coming soon.

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Health Day at KDD

KDD 2020 is proud to organize our third Health Day dedicated to bringing together domain and machine learning experts to discuss challenges and trends in the healthcare industry as well as techniques and methodologies machine learning community is using and in process of developing to address these challenges.

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Health Day at KDD 2018

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