KDD Social Impact Session

This session will highlight the social impact programming at KDD, including in the research and applied data sciences tracks, present lightning talks from recent students in the Data Science for Social Good Programs around the world, and end with invited talks from researchers and practitioners working in data science and social impact. Join us to learn more these efforts and how you can get involved.


1:30pm: Introduction (Sarah, Vani, Rayid)

1:35pm: 5-Minute Lightning Talks from Data Science for Social Good Program projects form around the world

2:30pm: Q&A for lightning talk speakers

2:45pm: Invited Talk: Case Study: Predictive Risk Modeling to Improve Child Welfare (Rhema Vaithianathan)

3:05pm Data Science and Protecting Civil Liberties at ACLU (Lucia Tan)

3:20pm: Wrap-up (Sarah, Vani, Rayid)

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