Job Match Program

The KDD Job Match program provides an opportunity for KDD attendees to apply to data science jobs at our various sponsors. Attendees will register on the job match site, select the companies that interest them, and upload their CV or their LinkedIn profile. Prior to the conference, KDD will forward the resumes to the companies selected by the attendees. We'll see you virtually at KDD2020!

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  1. Register for KDD 2020
  2. Create a Job Match account
  3. Click on Manage Your CV
  4. Fill in your KDD2020 registration number.
  5. Upload your CV or the URL to your LinkedIn profile. Click SUBMIT.
  6. Select the companies to whom we will send your CV.
  7. Sign up to receive important notifications.
  8. Join us for KDD 2020

If you have any questions or any problems, please feel free to reach out to

Eligible Sponsors


Amazon | Science




Capital One


D.E. Shaw Group





Ping An Technology

Wadhwani AI

Yahoo Research


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