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KDD 2020 | Personalized PageRank to a Target Node, Revisited

Accepted Papers

Personalized PageRank to a Target Node, Revisited

Hanzhi Wang: Renmin University of China; Zhewei Wei: Renmin University of China; Junhao Gan: University of Melbourne; Sibo Wang: The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Zengfeng Huang: Fudan University


Personalized PageRank (PPR) is a widely used node proximity measure in graph mining and network analysis. Given a source node s and a target node t, the PPR value π(s,t) represents the probability that a random walk from s terminates at t, and thus indicates the bidirectional importance between s and t. The majority of the existing work focuses on the single-source queries, which asks for the PPR value of a given source node s and every node t ∈ V. However, the single-source query only reflects the importance of each node t with respect to s. In this paper, we consider the single-target PPR query, which measures the opposite direction of importance for PPR. Given a target node t, the single-target PPR query asks for the PPR value of every node $s\in V$ to a given target node t. We propose RBS, a novel algorithm that answers approximate single-target queries with optimal computational complexity. We show that RBS improves three concrete applications: heavy hitters PPR query, single-source SimRank computation, and scalable graph neural networks. We conduct experiments to demonstrate that RBS outperforms the state-of-the-art algorithms in terms of both efficiency and precision on real-world benchmark datasets.

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