Accepted Papers

A Self-Evolving Mutually-Operative Recurrent Network-based Model for Online Tool Condition Monitoring in Delay Scenario

Monidipa Das: Nayang Technological University NTU Singapore ; Mahardhika Pratama: Nanyang Technological University NTU ; Tegoeh Tjahjowidodo: KU Leuven


With the increasing demand of product supply, manufacturers are in urgent need of online tool condition monitoring (TCM) without compromising with the maintenance cost in terms of time as well as man-power requirement. However, the existing machine learning models for TCM are mostly offline and not suitable for the non-stationary environment of the machining settings. Moreover, the access of the ground truth always imposes a shutdown of the machining process and the existing models are severely affected by such delay in receiving labelled samples. In order to tackle these issues, we propose SERMON as a novel learning model based on a pair of self-evolving mutually-operative recurrent neural networks. The proposed SERMON is well-equipped with features for automated and real-time monitoring of machine fault status even in the finite/infinite label delay scenario. The experimental evaluation of SERMON using real-world dataset on 3D-printing process demonstrates its effectiveness in online fault detection under non-stationary as well as delayed label context of the machining process. Additional comparative study on large-scale benchmark streaming datasets further exhibits the scalability power of SERMON.

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