Applied Data Science Invited Talks

Mohak Shah

Head of Data Science

Tuesday 10:00am – 12:00pm, Room 200D

Title: Fireside Chat: AI For Automotive And Industrial Applications

​This time is set aside for a conversation with Mohak Shah, hosted by Evangelos Simoudis.

Speaker Bio

Mohak Shah is an analytics leader with over 15 years of experience in organization formation, strategy, and end-to-end data science engagements. He has led analytics and IoT engagements in domains including automotive, aviation, energy and healthcare managing diverse teams from research, software and businesses. He was the General Chair of the ACM SIGKDD 2016 conference and holds an Adjunct position with the University of Illinois at Chicago. He regularly participates in scientific, business, and investment communities as an expert speaker, advisor and consultant.

As a scientist, Mohak has developed novel machine learning and statistical algorithms with high impact business applications. He is the author of “Evaluating Learning Algorithms: A Classification Perspective” (Cambridge), and has published more than 45 research articles, in top conferences and journals in the analytics space, and patented technologies.