Applied Data Science Invited Talks

Eduardo Ariño de la Rubia

Chief Data Scientist
Domino Data Lab

Wednesday 1:30pm – 3:30pm, Room 200D

Title: More than the Sum of its Parts: Building Domino Data Lab

Industry has always leveraged cutting edge quantitative research techniques. From finance and insurance, to marketing and manufacturing, efficiencies and advantages have been seized through measurement, prediction, and the generation of insights but never at this scale. Organizations that previously may have employed one or two data scientists are now scaling the work to dozens if not hundreds of practitioners. Where previously only a handful of organizations could boast that they were leveraging machine learning and statistical models, now it’s a rarity to and an untouched industry or player. Organizations are now faced with the challenges of empowering, scaling, and measuring this workforce to sustain the transformation to the prediction economy. In this talk, I will discuss how and why we built the Domino Data Lab platform. I will talk about the challenges we faced technologically, organizationally and culturally when bringing a system of record to data science.

Speaker Bio

Eduardo Arino de la Rubia is chief data scientist at Domino Data Lab. Eduardo is a lifelong technologist with a passion for data science who thrives on effectively communicating data-driven insights throughout an organization. He is a graduate of the MTSU Computer Science department, completed graduate studies in negotiation, conflict resolution, and peace building from CSUDH, the General Assembly’s Data Science program, and the Johns Hopkins Coursera Data Science specialization. You can follow him on Twitter as @earino.