We are delighted to offer opportunities for increased interactions between the data mining and the investor communities at KDD 2016. In addition to participation of VC community in our applied invited tracks and panel discussions, we are also excited that some of the members from VC community have offered to hold office hours to help with specific questions and feedback on ideas for KDD participants. Below are more details.

The VC office hours are scheduled for Tuesday, Aug 16, 2016. All available slots are now full. Please feel free to go ahead and register your interest to be placed on the wait-list.

1:00PM-4:00PMMichael AbbottUnion Square 17
4:15PM-6:15PMMark GorenbergUnion Square 18
3:00PM-4:30PMEvangelos SimoudisUnion Square 19
1:45PM-3:45PMSarah CatanzaroUnion Square 20
1:45PM-3:45PMFrederic HanikaUnion Square 22
1:45PM-3:45PMJerry YeUnion Square 23
4:15PM-5:15PMJerry YeUnion Square 23

Format: 15 minutes slot for accepted KDD participants to have a one-on-one discussion with one of the VC members holding office hours. If you'd like to meet as a group (small team), please indicate it in the form below.

Pre-requisites: Please fill out some basic details below. This will allow the VC's to have some information ready before-hand as well as give them an idea of what you expect in the meeting and make it beneficial and productive to both parties.

Once the requests are obtained, they will be assigned slots on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please note that we have limited slots available. If a slot is assigned to you, we will reach out with a confirmation email along with the time and room details at the venue.

Interest Form

Please provide a background on what topics that you would like to discuss and review. Please limit yourself to 3-5 sentences and include the key questions that you want to discuss. The topics may range from a new company idea that you want to discuss, to an existing effort your are pursuing, to career advice.