The term “cloud computing” refers to the on-demand delivery of IT resources via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. Instead of buying, owning and maintaining your own datacenters and servers, organizations can acquire technology such as compute power, storage, databases, and other services on an as-needed basis.

At AWS, we invest in customer success through an accelerating pace of innovation with a focus on operating efficiently at massive scale, and growing an expansive partner ecosystem. We have worked closely with industry leaders from GE to Capital One, Comcast to Kellogg’s, to help them transform their existing businesses at a pace that cannot be duplicated with traditional infrastructure alternatives. This bootcamp is aimed at helping you to build the foundation of up on which all your apps will run.

The Getting Started with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Bootcamp is designed to provide you with a close look at using AWS best practices for building Virtual Private Cloud environments using The Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) service. The Amazon VPC is a logical segmentation of the AWS Cloud in which you can design your network structure and launch your workload with a secured boundary around it.

This bootcamp will also introduce you to Amazon EC2 and the best practices for launching and managing these virtual machines. It will also introduce to you concepts like bootstrapping, Amazon Machine Images and building fault tolerant and high availability environments.

At the end of both labs, the presenter will demonstrate a simple machine learning application that reacts upon data that is generated by the EC2 Instances that you launched.

There are two segments to this bootcamp; presentation and a hands-on lab. Please see the below agenda for the order in which the bootcamp will be executed.

Bootcamp Agenda

  • Networking on AWS Presentation
  • Networking on AWS Lab
  • Introduction to Amazon EC2
  • Launching and Bootstrapping Your EC2 Instances
  • Machine Learning App illustration


  • Androski Spicer (AWS Solution Architect)

Lab Assistants

  • Ujjwal Ratan (AWS Solution Architect)
  • Jack Hemion (AWS Solution Architect)