Precise item categorization is a key issue in e-commerce domains. However, it still remains a challenging problem due to data size, category skewness, and noisy metadata. Here, we demonstrate a successful report on a deep learning-based item categorization method, i.e., deep categorization network (DeepCN), in an e-commerce website. DeepCN is an end-to-end model using multiple recurrent neural networks (RNNs) dedicated to metadata attributes for generating features from text metadata and fully connected layers for classifying item categories from the generated features. The categorization errors are propagated back through the fully connected layers to the RNNs for weight update in the learning process. This deep learning-based approach allows diverse attributes to be integrated into a common representation, thus overcoming sparsity and scalability problems. We evaluate DeepCN on large-scale real-world data including more than 94 million items with approximately 4,100 leaf categories from a Korean e-commerce website. Experiment results show our method improves the categorization accuracy compared to the model using single RNN as well as a standard classification model using unigram-based bag-of-words. Furthermore, we investigate how much the model parameters and the used attributes influence categorization performances.

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