We are seeing a remarkable watershed in the application of data science across markets and industries. A trifecta of advances in algorithms, cheap cycles, and the capture of networked data from everywhere are no doubt the catalysts. The results for many are continuous improvements in efficiencies, and for some are a fundamental re-imagination and disruption of just about every industry. This talk will give examples we are seeing (and funding!) for the latter, and then focus on our views of the ecosystem of value-from-data infrastructure and end-application companies. A big question is whether the enormous collective advances in tools, techniques and education are in-fact converting would-be differentiated products into democratized features used everywhere. We’ll follow the value and make our own predictions on future as ML as a business.

Greg joined NEA as Venture Partner in 2010 after more than twenty years of experience in the technology industry and academia. He focuses on early-stage systems, software and semiconductor companies. Prior to NEA, Greg was EVP and CTO of Sun Microsystems, where he guided the company’s $2B R&D portfolio. Before Sun, Greg was an Associate Professor of EECS at MIT, where he worked on massively parallel dataflow computing architectures. He also helped found a number of companies, from video conferencing (PictureTel) to computational fluid dynamics (NASDAQ:EXA), and was an engineer with HP and Honeywell.
Greg is an active advisor for the schools of engineering at UCSD, UC Berkeley, and MIT, and is a trustee for the Computer History Museum. Passionate about technology and its possibilities, Greg is a relentless advocate for diversity in engineering and a supporter of open development models that stimulate communication, inclusiveness and innovation. Greg holds an undergraduate degree from UCSD and an S.M. and Ph.D. from MIT. He also a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum.