Program Tracks

The Applied Data Science Invited Talks Track consists of invited talks and panel discussions / debates by leading experts in the world of Data Science, applied data mining and KDD. The track features highly influential speakers who have directly contributed to successful data science and data mining applications in their respective fields. The talks and discussions will focus on innovative and leading-edge, large-scale real applications of data mining in areas such as finance, health-care, bio-informatics, public policy, infrastructure (transportation, utilities, etc.), telecommunications, social media, computational advertising, and many other areas.

The objective of these invited talks is to bring together leading industry and government practitioners to share their insights and experiences in order to inspire the KDD community to pay attention to critical issues in and impact of major applications. We carefully curate taopics and invited speakers to spread awareness of the variety of seminal, innovative, and proven applications of of the technology as well as the issues that must be dealt with in bringing an application to a real setting. This track complements the Applied Data Science Track at KDD that focuses on peer reviewed publications. In the Invited Talks track we focus on presentations about the application and its impact once recognized in the industry.

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  • Rajesh Parekh (Facebook)
  • Usama Fayyad (Barclays)
  • Evangelos Simoudis (Synapse Partners)

Invited Panels

Panel - Big Data Needs Big Dreamers: Lessons from successful Big Data investors

Moderator: Evangelos Simoudis: Managing Partner / Synapse Partners

Tuesday, August 16 - 1:45pm to 2:45pm (Yosemite)


Mark Gorenberg, Managing Director, Zetta
Tim Guleri, Managing Director, Sierra Ventures
Matt Ocko, Co-founder and Co-Managing Partner, Data Collective
Greg Sands, Founder and Managing Director at Costanoa Venture Capital

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Panel: BigData Tools and Solutions: The Myths and the Reality

Moderator: Usama Fayyad: Chief Data Officer and Group Managing Director / Barclays

Tuesday, August 16 - 2:45pm to 3:45pm (Yosemite)


Ingo Mierswa, Founder and CTO, RapidMiner
Richard Rovner, Vice President of Marketing, MathWorks
Udo Sglavo, Senior Director R & D, SAS
Dan Steinberg, President and Founder, Salford Systems

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