KDD 2015, 10 - 13, August, 2015, Sydney.
Photo credit: Tourism Australia
Online registrations are open, each accepted paper needs a full registration. Early bird is due on 30 June. Register in USD or AUD now. More information is available here.

KDD 2015 is a premier conference that brings together researchers and practitioners from data mining, knowledge discovery, data analytics, and big data. KDD 2015 will be the first Australian edition of KDD, and is its second time in the Asia Pacific region.

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Winner of 2015 SIGKDD Service Award: Jian Pei
Winner of 2015 SIGKDD Innovation Award: Hans-Peter Kriegel
3 Test of Time Awards
KDD 2002
Joachims, Thorsten: "Optimizing search engines using clickthrough data"

KDD 2000
Domingos, Pedro, and Geoff Hulten: "Mining high-speed data streams"

KDD 2004
Hu, Minqing, and Bing Liu: "Mining and summarizing customer reviews"
2015 SIGKDD Dissertation Awards
Mining Latent Entity Structures From Massive Unstructured and Interconnected Data
Chi Wang (student) and Jiawei Han (advisor) at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Modeling Large Social Networks in Context
Qirong Ho (student) and Eric Xing (advisor) at Carnegie Mellon University

Computing Distrust in Social Media
Jiliang Tang (Student) and Huan Liu (Advisor) at Arizona State University

Doctoral Dissertation Award Nominations

April 30, 2015

July 1, 2015

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Big Data In Australia: Data Science and Data Analytics have been an increasingly topical area in Australia. Find the first Australian commonwealth government paper on Big Data – Big Data Strategy: Issues Paper issued in March 2013, big data program in the ABC Technology Quarter on 18 April 2014, and Australian Public Service - Better Practice Guide for Big data issued in Jan 2015.

IEEE/ACM Data Science and Analytics Conference: The 2015 IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (IEEE DSAA’2015), co-sponsored by ACM SIGKDD, will be held on 19-21 October, 2015 in Paris.

The 2014 International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA), was co-sponsored by ACM SIGKDD and IEEE CIS, with the DSAA’2014 proceedings included in IEEE Xplore.
Big Data Summit 2015: the fourth edition of Big Data Summit in Australia to engage industry, government and academia related to big data research, education and development, will be held on 9-10 Aug, 2015, co-located with KDD 2015 at the Hilton Sydney hotel.
AusDM 2015: the 13th Australasian Data Mining Conference, will be held on 8-9 Aug, 2015, co-located with ICDS2015 at the University of Technology, Sydney.
ICDS 2015: the second international conference on data science, will be held on 8-9 Aug, 2015, co-located with AusDM 2015 at the University of Technology, Sydney
The host of KDD 2015, the Advanced Analytics Institute at UTS, founded the world first analytics degrees: Master of Analytics (Research) and PhD Thesis: Analytics.