KDD 2014, August 24-27, 2014, New York City. This year's theme: Data Mining for Social Good.
Photo credit: cseresnyes.com

KDD Madness

Monday 8/25 Slides Tuesday 8/26 Slides Wednesday 8/27 Slides

Quick Overview

KDD Madness is a plenary-track fast-paced overview of all accepted papers to be presented in each day.

  • 30-second presentation for each paper
  • One single-page PDF slide submitted through FTP ftp://aminer.org/ with credentials: kdd14/tmp123
  • August 4: deadline for submitting the Madness presentation slides
  • The Madness Session: Just before the morning keynote (8:30-9:00am) on each day (25th-27th) of the main conference

Message from the Madness Chairs

KDD Madness is a fast-paced session offering a preview of the day's talks, with each author given exactly 30 seconds of presentation time while displaying a single-page static slide. It is an opportunity for the audience to get an overview of the day. As an author, your goal is to raise awareness for your work, so you may want to give an overview of your paper, not just a teaser. As a speaker, 30 seconds is blindly fast. A few tips to manage staying in time: memorize and know exactly what you are going to say, practice your speech with a stopwatch, and avoid redundancies such as "come to my talk to see more."

This is the first year for us to have the Madness program. The Madness will consist of 151 Research Track papers, and 45 Industry & Government Track papers. Coordinating nearly 200 presentations is not easy, so please help us by reading carefully and following the instructions below.

If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to contact the Madness chairs:

Here are your action items:

Submit Your KDD Madness Single-Page Slide

Deadline: August 4, 2014, 11:59pm PST

Prepare a single-page static slide. Make sure that the slide contains the title of your paper and the list of co-authors. Slide orientation should be landscape. Upload your PDF slide through the FTP server ftp://aminer.org/ with credentials kdd14/tmp123, before the deadline of August 4. Use your paper ID as the file name (e.g., 801.pdf). Slides should be submitted only in PDF.

If you have any question, please contact us at posters@kdd2014.org.

Double-check your Madness presentation at KDD

We will combine all submitted slides into three decks (one for each day) and we will put them online after August 11. You should check the slide decks to ensure that everything is OK. If you have any doubt or question, please contact us at posters@kdd2014.org.

Giving Your 30-Second Presentation

KDD Madness is supposed to be fast-paced, but we will make sure it does not get hectic. Each presentation will be assigned an ID, which will be the page number that your slide appears in the slide deck of that day. Before the Madness session the speakers have to form a line, in the order of their presentation IDs. Be ready to speak the moment that the speaker before you finishes. Your slide will be visible for exactly 30 seconds; this is the time you have to get to the microphone and present. The slide deck will be set to auto advance, and you will not have an opportunity to run longer. You can finish early though, in which case we will advance the deck for you.

We are modeling these presentations after CHI Madness. You can find a few examples of these at: http://www.chi2007.org/attend/madness/.

Thank you for working on this with us.