KDD 2014, August 24-27, 2014, New York City. This year's theme: Data Mining for Social Good.
Photo credit: cseresnyes.com

Industry & Government Track Invited Talks
Please refer to the program page for the times and locations of these talks.

Formerly the Industry Practice Expo, this series of invited talks within the KDD 2014 Industry and Government Track will provide a venue for leading experts in the world of applied data mining and knowledge discovery. The Industry & Government Track invited talks will feature highly influential speakers who have directly contributed to successful data mining applications in their respective fields. The talks and discussions will focus on innovative and leading-edge, large-scale industry or government applications of data mining in areas such as finance, health-care, bio-informatics, public policy, infrastructure (transportation, utilities, etc.), telecommunications, social media and computational advertising. There will also be presentations aligned with the theme of this year’s conference -- “Data Mining for Social Good”.

Brian Dalessandro (distillery)
Paul Bradley (Methodcare)

Advisory Committee
Misha Bilenko (Microsoft)
Eric Bloedorn (Mitre)
Usama Fayyad (ChoozOn)
Johannes Gehrke (Cornell University)
Ronny Kohavi (Microsoft)
Ying Li (Parllay)
Gabor Melli (VigLink)
Rajesh Parekh (Groupon)
Jian Pei (Simon Fraser University)
Gregory Piatetsky (KDNuggets)
Ramasamy Uthurusamy (General Motors, Retd.)
Mohammed Zaki (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Michael Zeller (Zementis)