KDD Cup 2004: Particle physics; plus protein homology prediction

Competition Rules

Agreement: Participation in the contest constitutes the participant's full and unconditional agreement and acceptance of these rules.

Eligibility: The contest is open to any party planning to attend KDD 2004. Each of the tasks will be evaluated separately; you can enter in both tasks, in only one, or in only one particular performance measure. A person can participate in only one group per task. Multiple submissions per group are allowed for each task and performance measure, since we will not provide feedback on performance at the time of submission. Only the last submission before the deadline will be evaluated and all other submissions will be discarded.

Integrity: Only the data provided from this website can be used for the contest; use of external data constitutes cheating and is prohibited.

Winner Selection: There will be one winner for the "Quantum Physics Task" and one winner for the "Protein Homology Prediction Task". The winners will be determined according to the following method. All participants are ranked according to their performance on the test set for each task and performance measure. Not submitting a prediction for a performance measure will result in being ranked last. Winner of a task is the participant who has the best average rank over the set of performance measures for that task.

A honorable mention will be awarded for each task and performance measure. It will be given to the participant who is ranked highest for that particular task and performance measure.

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